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    15 Funny Tweets From People Who Just Learned The Truth About Credit Karma Scores

    Plus how to find your FICO score, aka the credit score that matters most.

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    So, Credit Karma has been trending on Twitter because a lot of people were pretty surprised to learn that making big financial decisions based on the company's free credit scores doesn't always end well.

    In case you're not familiar, Credit Karma is a personal finance site where you can look up your credit reports and scores for free. Not typically the stuff that trending tweets are made of, but it kinda makes sense given the ongoing GameStop saga.

    Aaaand here's why people are tweeting: Credit Karma shows a kind of credit score called a VantageScore (and they are pretty transparent about it on their site, like in the screenshot below). But the thing is, in over 90% of US lending decisions, lenders actually pull a different score known as your FICO score.

    Screenshot from Credit Karma showing a score calculated using VantageScore 3.0

    Since you won't see your FICO credit score on Credit Karma, you could be in for a big surprise if you apply for a loan or line of credit based solely on their scoring information. And as usual, Twitter users had the best reactions when they found this out.

    1. Some people compared it to checking your health on the internet:

    checking your credit score on credit karma is like checking your symptoms on webmd.

    Twitter: @RiotGrlErin

    2. Some people were angry:

    Credit Karma says Lender: Ma’am my score is 780 its 525.

    Twitter: @JillScottTwin


    You mean to tell my my 700 credit karma score might be 500

    Twitter: @fvtureitmngr

    4. Others were just in total disbelief:

    After the dealership tell you ur credit score is 350 when Credit Karma said it was 800

    Twitter: @justsapphixx


    When the mortgage company shows you your real credit score vs what you printed off credit karma

    Twitter: @Biggirlslay


    Me seeing my credit score on Credit Karma vs. when I find out the real score at the car dealership

    Twitter: @UptownDCRich

    7. Some people could at least appreciate the gesture:

    Credit Karma is the friend that always compliments you no matter how ugly you are. It’s appreciated but sometimes we need the truth. Lol

    Twitter: @EddieAndretti

    8. Ignorance is bliss...right?!

    Me waiting for my approval for a car after looking on credit Karma: The Dealership:

    Twitter: @Toxic_Thundr

    9. Other people thought it had to be one big joke:

    Credit karma: then I told her her credit was 849

    Twitter: @Biggirlslay


    Lenders when you tell them you have an 800 on Credit Karma:

    Twitter: @badnellyx

    11. And others felt lied to:

    Twitter: @trenttjeremiah

    12. But there were a few people already ~in the know~:

    13. Who pointed out there are ways you can check your FICO score:

    Credit Karma doesn’t reflect your actual credit score and they kinda tell you this. Actually trust Experian, and your FICO 8 score. Those are the ones that count.

    Twitter: @tmthomas2750

    On Experian, you can check the most widely used version of your FICO Score (based on your Experian credit report) any time for free just by signing up for an account. If you're concerned about your credit and want to monitor your FICO scores from Equifax and TransUnion too, Experian also has a paid option that lets you keep an eye on all three.


    Credit Karma: “your credit score went up!” Experian:

    Twitter: @jeanster3


    Twitter: @_theeunicorn_

    Anyway the lesson here is: not all credit scores are created equal. If this tickled your fancy, why not check out these common credit score myths or even more of our personal finance posts.