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13 Winter Essentials for Goths

It may feel like it's been winter for a good long while now what with Christmas and all, but the first day of winter was actually December 21st. To keep yourself warm yet stylish this winter, here are my 13 suggestions for essential items for Goths.

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4. New Rock Boots


The classic New Rocks! They’re not just the ultimate Goth accessory – with their chunky soles, deep grips and tough leather exterior, they’re very practical for icy or snowy weather.

5. Striped Arm Sleeves/Fingerless Gloves


Arm length gloves are a time-honoured Goth staple. I particularly like fingerless gloves, like these purple and black ones available from Attitude Clothing, as they allow you to actually use your hands when you wear them.

12. Moisturiser


Cold air can wreak havoc on your skin, leaving it dry and cracked. Moisturiser can help to prevent this, and fortunately you can even find moisturiser with scents especially designed to appeal to goths from the Gothic Rosary. If you want to indulge in the winter theme, why not go for their “Seasons Greedings” scent?

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