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  • 13 Goth Easter Treats

    Whether you celebrate the Christian Easter, the pagan Eostre or Ostara, or any other of the many spring festivals in the world, here’s a list Easter/spring-related goodies that Goths can appreciate.

  • 13 Gothic Plants

    Spring is here - a great time to get out in the garden and start growing things! If you’re a Goth who isn’t *too* adverse to sunshine, why not try cultivating a Gothic Garden of your own? Each of the 13 items on this list even includes links to shops where you can buy these plants.

  • 13 Gothic Mother’s Day Gifts

    With Mother’s Day fast approaching (March 30th), the stores are already filling up with pretty, flowery cards and gifts. But if your mum’s more darkly-inclined, it can be tough to find something suitable amid all the cutesy bunnies and angels and ribbons. Here’s 13 recommendations to help you find the perfect way to say thank you to Goth mums….

  • 13 Goth Office Products

    Whether your office is in the heart of the city or within your own home, it certainly doesn’t have to be boring! On request, I have made a list of 13 items to help darken down (rather than brighten up) your workspace…

  • 13 Items To Goth Up Your Kitchen

    Just because the kitchen may be one of the more functional rooms in the house, it doesn’t mean you can’t give it a Gothic twist! Here’s 13 products to add a little darkness to your kitchen, from cheapest to dearest.

  • 13 Goth-friendly musicals

    No, really. You may have thought that the bright, glitzy, happy-go-lucky world of musicals and the gloomy, macabre world of Goth would never go together. But in fact, this list was surprisingly easy to make - there are quite a few musicals out there that blend the two together, and not unsuccessfully too. Below, I’ve listed my top 13 musicals that Goths may enjoy (I’ve been pretty broad in my definition of musicals here, including examples from theatre, film and TV)

  • Special: Goth Rosary’s Top 13 Fragrances

    I’ve mentioned Goth Rosary several times now. They create all-natural fragrances with darker, Gothic leanings. You can purchase them at I decided to treat myself to a sampler set of all 22 scents, and spent a wonderful couple of weeks wearing a different one every day. I found all of them unique, interesting and really appealing, especially to one of Gothic sensibilities! Moreover, I found them very kind to my skin; I’m allergic to alcohol-based scents, and found these oils gave me no reactions at all! Below, I’ve reviewed my top 13 fragrances from Goth Rosary’s collection. I strongly recommend all Goths, male and female alike, should check them out! (you can find the Goth types featured here on my deviantArt account,

  • 13 Goth Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

    It’s not always easy to pick out appropriate Valentine’s Day gifts for guys, and particularly those guys who are darker at heart. Below I’ve listed 13 items, starting with the cheapest, to help inspire you,

  • 13 Gothic Unicorn Goodies

    Seeing as we’ll soon be entering the Chinese Year of Horse, and since Unicorns are rather trendy in the alternative fashion world right now (they mix really with the “ironically cute and/or kitsch” sentiment of Nu Goth and Pastel Goth), I thought I’d feature 13 Unicorn-themed goodies that Goths might appreciate

  • Ethereal Music in 13 Genres

    Previously, I did a 13-genre exploration of Industrial Music, the most aggressive and brutal of Gothic music. Ethereal Music is on the opposite end of the Goth spectrum: if Industrial is sonic hell, Ethereal is sonic Heaven. It’s dreamy, angelic, spacey and relaxing - almost “easy listening” for Goths. Below are the 13 most important genres that make up Ethereal’s history.

  • 13 Gothic Fragrances (for Him)

    Following on from my previous feed, here’s 13 recommendations for fragrances for Gothic gentlemen! But it should be noted that many of the perfumes on this list are designed to be unisex, so the ladies shouldn’t be afraid to try some of these scents either. Moreover, of the more masculine scents also feature “darker” notes than typically female fragrances, such as patchouli, incense and myrrh.

  • 13 Gothic Fragrances (for Her)

    The sales are still on, so now’s a perfect time to pick up some cheap perfume! Below are my top 13 recommendations for Goths looking for a darkly feminine fragrance. I’ll be following this up with a list of fragrances “for Him,” but I don’t think Goths should be afraid to wear scents intended for the opposite gender - the subculture is all about challenging convention, after all…

  • 13 Winter Essentials for Goths

    It may feel like it’s been winter for a good long while now what with Christmas and all, but the first day of winter was actually December 21st. To keep yourself warm yet stylish this winter, here are my 13 suggestions for essential items for Goths.

  • 13 Other Gothic Christmas Goodies

    In my last Buzzfeed post (, I looked at decorations to goth up Christmas trees. This time, let’s take a look at some other decorations to create a Gothic Christmas atmosphere around the home…

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