13 Ways For Goths To Wear Green

If you’re thinking of commemorating St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green but still want to retain your Gothic style, it’s TOTALLY doable.

1. Hippy Goth

Green is an obvious choice of colour for Hippy Goths anyway, seeing as how close they are to nature! Jordash are excellent at blending hippy and goth looks together, as this beautiful velvet jacket demonstrates.
Jordash Tie Dye Embroidered Velvet Tie-back Hooded Jacket, £59.99 (Amazon)

2. Faerie Goth

Green has long been associated with magic, the supernatural and the faerie folk, making it a classic colour for faerie goths. Jordash are once again a highly recommended brand for faerie goths.
Jordash Tie-Dye Lace-up Dress, £58.99 (Amazon)

3. Medieval Goth

Medieval-inspired clothing is often made in green, perhaps because of all the legends of green-clad characters found in tales popular in Medieval times (Robin Hood, the Green Knight, Jack-In-The-Green etc.) This beautiful green dress is one of many medieval styles available at The Dark Angel.
Gabriel Dress, £65.00 (The Dark Angel)

4. Victorian Goth

Dark greens work well with Victorian styles as well. Once again, The Dark Angel has some good examples.
Abbey Coat, £150 (The Dark Angel)

5. Gothic Lolita

Jewel-tone greens look stunning when combined with Gothic Lolita styles.
Green Velvet Long Sleeved Lolita Jacket, £37.00 (DevilInspired)

6. Military Goth

Due to its camouflaging properties, green has been a staple colour for military uniforms throughout the ages. This beautiful replica of Richard Sharpe’s Napoleonic-era jacket from the TV series “Sharpe,” which work nicely for Military Goth looks, is on the high end of quality and price, but do some looking around and you’ll find similar, cheaper versions available.
Richard Sharpe’s 95th Rifles Military Jacket, £211.19 (The Jacket Shop)

7. Steamgoth

Green works well with the staple browns and brassy golds of Steampunk and Steamgoth.
Raven Brocade Steampunk Waistcoat, £49.99 (Kinky Angel)

8. Cabaret/Carnival

The colour of mystery and absinthe, green often crops up in the costumes of circus entertainers and magicians. This green jacket from The Dark Angel would be fantastic as part of a Cabaret or Carnival Goth look.
Merton Coat, £140 (The Dark Angel)

9. Gothabilly

Bright, slimy greens are commonly found on the artwork for old horror movies, hence you’ll find it also cropping up a lot in Gothabilly fashion.
Night of the Living Dead Tank Dress, £34 (Kreepsville 666)

10. Deathrocker

Bright green is also popular in Deathrock, Gothabilly’s slightly edgier, punkier cousin.
Green Skelebone Skinny Jeans, £40 (Kreepsville 666)

11. Rivethead

Dull greens, especially when combined with army surplus khaki and camouflage, work well with the distopian futuristic look of Industrial enthusiasts.
Zip Bondage Camouflage Pants, £42.50 (Black Rose)

12. Cyber Goth

Due to its association with aliens (perhaps the modern equivalent of the faerie folk?), green is a common colour in the world of science fiction, and indeed Cyber Goth fashion.
Lip Service Circuit City Dress, £75.99 (Kinky Angel)

13. Pastel Goth

Mint blue-green is unique to the emerging Pastel Goth look, where it is frequently combined with other not very typically goth colours such as pale pink and lavender.
Rose Cross Sweatshirt, £30.84 (Etsy)

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