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13 Things To Goth Up Your Dining Room

Transform your dining room into a dark sanctuary of macabre opulence...

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3. Skull Salt and Pepper Shakers


I own this pair! They really add a certain Gothic classiness to our dining table. Seems only natural to put the salt in the white one, the pepper in the black one.

$8.99 (Gift Impact)

5. Black Table cover


Perhaps the most simple and effective way to add a touch of dark elegance to your dining room is simply to use a nice dark table cloth, like this one with its attractive leaf pattern.

£9.99 (Table Cloth Shop)

9. Gothic Victorian Skull Plate


Simply gorgeous work from a very talented Etsy storeholder, who adds her own designs to vintage items. Make sure you take a look at the other items in this store too, they're all lovely.

£25.77 (Etsy: AustinModern)

12. Wyverex Dragon Canteen of Cutlery


You can always count on Alchemy Gothic to deliver on making exquisite Gothic homeware, such as this amazing dragon-themed cutlery set. Even the presentation box is gorgeous.

£253 (New Moon)

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