13 Items To Goth Up Your Kitchen

Just because the kitchen may be one of the more functional rooms in the house, it doesn't mean you can't give it a Gothic twist! Here's 13 products to add a little darkness to your kitchen, from cheapest to dearest.

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1. Gargoyle Fridge Magnet


Here's a cheap and quick way to show your appreciation of classic Gothic architecure in your kitchen - imagine a few of these magnets leering down from your fridge!

£3.50, Cathedral Enterprises

5. Pot of cloves


Thanks to their association with clove cigarettes (the narcotic staple of 80s subcultures), cloves are now considered pretty Goth. A pot of cloves in the kitchen will make it all oldy-worldy and smell lovely and dark at the same time.

€10.00, Olde Hansa

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