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13 Gothic Fragrances (for Him)

Following on from my previous feed, here's 13 recommendations for fragrances for Gothic gentlemen! But it should be noted that many of the perfumes on this list are designed to be unisex, so the ladies shouldn't be afraid to try some of these scents either. Moreover, of the more masculine scents also feature "darker" notes than typically female fragrances, such as patchouli, incense and myrrh.

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13. “Memoir Man” (Amouage)


I can imagine the futuristic bottle going down well with Cyber Goths and Rivetheads! The main notes of this fragrance include incense, absinthe, tobacco and leather – all very dark.

12. “Black Afgano” (Nasomatto)


This is a mostly woody scent apparently, but with top notes of hashish. It also includes scents of incense, tobacco and coffee; the smell of a dark and decadent night out, perhaps?

10. “Salvador Dali Pour Homme” (Salvador Dali)


Finally, a more creative bottle for the men! An artistic Goth Gent would surely love it. An oriental scent including notes of patchouli (again), sandalwood and jasmine, it sounds as dark and dreamy as a Dali painting itself.

9. “Calme” (Ajne)


One of the most gorgeous bottles I’ve seen for a male/unisex fragrance! I can completely imagine an aristocratic vampire having this in his cabinet. Additionally, it includes notes of myrrh, a balm closely associated with death and burial.

8. "Gothic II" (Loree Rodkin)


The packaging might not be especially Gothic (although the bottle does look like it could be filled with blood), but with notes of clove, incense AND patchouli, it's sure to live up to its namesake!

7. "Lunar" (Boadicea the Victorious)


Blimey. Just look at that bottle - simply stunning. All the perfumes from Boadicea the Victorious are bottled in a similar fashion, and the only thing more striking than the bottles are perhaps the prices (go and look on the website...). "Lunar" is part of the "Black" range, and appropriately enough, it features clove, rose and patchouli notes.

6. “Avignon” (Comme des Garcons)


Don’t let the somewhat simple and cheap-looking bottle design put you off! This scent is inspired by the Gothic churches of Catholicism. With notes of incense, myrrh, labdanum, spices and, again, patchouli, it sounds like a veritable Gothic cocktail of aromas.

5. “Ed Hardy Skulls & Roses for him” (Christian Audigier)


I mentioned Skulls & Roses in my 13 Gothic Fragrances For Her list and if anything, the masculine version is even more Gothic. For one thing, the skull is black rather than white. For another, it’s a “darker” scent with notes of musk and oakmoss. Wouldn’t this and the For Her version make a lovely gift for a Gothic couple?

4. "AB" (Blood Concept)


How's this for vampiric... a range of fragrances inspired by blood! Out of all their unique ranges (named, appropriately, after blood groups), "AB" sounds the most unique. With metallic and aldehyde notes, it would go down well with more Industrial-inclined Goths...not to mention that its scent is designed to be reminiscent of actual blood!

3. "Freak" (Illamasqua)


Illamasqua have long produced cosmetics that appeal to Goths, so it's no surprised that their perfume, "Freak," ranks highly on this list! With a unique bottle design as this (I love the little silver snail in particular), you can expect the content to be something special. And with notes of opium, belladonna, hemlock and myrrh, I think this fragrance would delight any Goth of either sex.

2. “Snake Oil” (Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab)


As I mentioned in my previous list, Black Phoenix Alchemy Laboratory are the kings of Gothic fragrances. Snake Oil is apparently their best seller, with notes of vanilla and spices. Sounds delicious!

1. “Wicked” (Goth Rosary)


Goth Rosary impress me so much with their commitment to Goth-themed scents AND social and environmental responsibilities that they deserve the number 1 spot on my list yet again. Containing tobacco and leather notes, “Wicked” sounds just right for a dark and mysterious stranger.

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