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13 Goth Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

It's not always easy to pick out appropriate Valentine's Day gifts for guys, and particularly those guys who are darker at heart. Below I've listed 13 items, starting with the cheapest, to help inspire you,

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2. Gingerdead Men


They say the way to a man’s heart is his stomach…so if you’re feeling creative, why not treat him to some amusing skeletal gingerbread men made with this fantastic cookie cutter!

Gingerdead Man Cookie Cutter, £5.99 (Totally Funky)

6. Ice Cube/Chocolate mould


I think many darkly-inclined men would like this Batman ice cube mould as it is…but I would go a step further and use it to make some bat-shaped chocolates!

Batman Silicone Ice Tray, £12.99 (Amazon)

7. Cupcake case & homemade cupcakes


Another consumable idea – make some yummy cupcakes and present them in these subtly Goth cupcake wrappers for a tasty Valentine’s treat.

Black Graphite Vine Cupcake Wrappers Cases, £13.88 (Amazon)

8. Pocket watch


No doubt your dark gentleman would appreciate this pocket watch, which is even more Goth than your regular pocket watch because it’s got a rib cage. Which is awesome.

Pocket Watch Rib Cage, AUD25.00 (Goth Clothes)

9. Photo Frame


Stick a photo of the two of you in this uber goth photoframe (it’s got all the works – bats, skull and snakes) to make a dark yet sweet Valentine’s gift.

Nosferatu Alchemy Gothic Photo Frame, £25.20 (Online Gothic)

10. Wallet


All men I know seem to like good wallets, and all Goth-inclined men I know have a fascination for Jack the Ripper (hmm, perhaps that’s worrying…). No doubt that dark handsome man in your life would appreciate this morbid yet smart wallet.

Jack the Ripper Hack wallet,€ 49.90 (The Black Angel)

11. Scent


A gift for you to enjoy as well as him! Inspired by Catholic churches, "Avignon" by Comme Des Garcons boasts notes of incense, myrrh, labdanum, spices and, again, patchouli - sounds delightfully dark.

Avignon Eau de Toilette, $80.00 (Lucky Scent)

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