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    • mds4h8

      I’ve flown spirit on two separate occasions. The scariest part of the whole ‘experience’ isn’t the grime stuck between the seat pocket. It wasn’t the most horrifying landing experience of my entire life (sunny day in Tampa, not weather realated-people were literally crying they were so scared). It’s not even realizing that you’re flight is 2 hours delayed (southwest’s flights are only on time about 73% of the time- the industry leader).

      By far the most terrifying part of flying Spirit Airline are the people that are crammed 2 inches away from you, wearing winnie the poo sweatshirts or catheters (if you don’t know what this is, its a bag filled with your pee that hangs where everyone can see it) being deceived by the flight attendant that if they open a Spirit credit card TODAY only they will get 10 free flights but they have to buy one TODAY ONLY! (I heard this offer on 3 separate occasions)

      My recommendation for anyone who is going to fly Spirit Air: Pray. Literally, get down on your knees and pray, and consume copious amounts of alcohol before your flight.

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