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    • McLovinSpoonful

      You say that Snowpiercer has all the hallmarks of what a great blockbuster is and should be. You also say that people seem tired of blockbusters. Then you wonder why people aren’t seeing the film? Which is it? Different or the same? Shouldn’t it break outside the mold? That’s what it seems like you want to say, but you insist on lumping it in with everything else, too. It’s confusing. Don’t confuse us by calling it a blockbuster. “Sleeper Hit” may be a better term. Believe me, I’ve had blockbuster fatigue for quite some time. I get that part of the article. Really, I do. But the last thing we should want to hear about a movie is why it conforms to played out conventions (yes, even the ones from Jaws). Many of the things that are pointed out as being different actually sound like more of the same. I realize that wasn’t the intent of the article, but it did a good job of convincing me otherwise by comparing Snowpiercer to other films. Most of us already know Jaws is a classic. Is Snowpiercer *really* on the same level?  Why is it different? Tell us why it stands alone this summer and how it truly breaks both the contemporary AND the classic summer movie mold, if that’s the case. Don’t rely on comparing a movie to other films if you’re trying to point out its merits. That just makes me think the movie can’t stand on its own. Address how the movie makes you feel; don’t use your frustration with the public’s moviegoing habits as a way to get them to see a film you feel is important. Entice us with juicy bits of information. Just like a good thriller, your review should withhold enough expectation to trigger the desire to know more. That’s the kind of review that drives people to the movies.

    • McLovinSpoonful

      It’s easy to point out the negative when you’re in the mood to watch something and Netflix doesn’t have it. But let’s face it, Netflix is still amazing. The documentary selection is awesome and updated frequently, there’s a decent selection of animated movies, and plenty of really good films from Scandinavia and Asia. Branch out, Buzzfeed. Be the most daring couch potato to have ever existed. I believe in you.  Plus, those blockbusters you’ve seen hundreds of times? Be real, you own the DVD…or at least you know someone who does. Need your art house fix? Hulu’s got a ton for free and without ads. Oh, and don’t forget to put that Amazon Prime membership to work. You paid good money for that. And now that they have HBO, you can decide for yourself if The Wire really is better than Breaking Bad instead of taking Mike from Accounting’s word for it.

    • McLovinSpoonful

      I don’t think it’s fair to say that “nobody has tried the real iOS 7” when what you REALLY mean is that the full user experience hasn’t been realized. Applications merely run within the operating system, which HAS been handed over to developers. You can’t make a statement like that in the headline and then go on to talk about the apps. Change the headline, change the snarky attitude, and let tech blogs do their thing.

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