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    • mcgregora

      Until The United States makesaformal apology to black people for slavery at least. White people in this country and this country deserve to have race continuing to be an issue. Whether they contribute to racism presently or have in the civil rights era or haven’t for either of those situations. Whether they are racist or not, you deserve to get race pushed on you just like the hate for ours was pushed onto us. Because you are not going to enslave someone inacountry then let them go only to buildagroup funded by the CIA to maim torture and kill innocent black people including kids just because their black, make laws that discriminate, marginalize our worth as human beings and reject our right to exist, socially: very arrogantly and maliciously assert yourselves as lords over black people and now more currently (andimean June, 21, 2013 current) systematically railroad black people into prisons (it’samoney maker and renders you constitutionallyaslave), CURRENTLY benefit from white privilege and won’t systematically and culturally have the truth of your worth and your dreams marginalized and/or shot down and then on top of all of that very tangible very currently active stuff get off scott free either politically or socially from having to be held accountable and for race relations in america! That will never happen, especially not with at leastaformal apology (Germany apologized for the holocaust). We don’t live inapost racial society and we shouldn’t.

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