7 Cartoon Theme Songs Guaranteed To Earworm You

These songs are guaranteed to have you bouncing here and there and everywhere.

1. 7. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

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He-Man the cartoon doesn’t stand up under the weight of its own nostalgia, but the soundtrack remains refreshingly catchy to this day. The real shocker is how the music within the show triggers a Pavlovian response in the viewer. Each action (due to the stock animation) has its own music so you always know when He-Man is about to start running, throw a boulder, or make Skeletor into a giant balloon animal.

3. 6. Thundercats

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Thundercats has a great build and one forgets that the song doesn’t even begin until Lion-O has belted out “Thundercats HOOOOOO” in his rich baritone. Bonus points to the nefarious whispering of “Thundercatssssssss” after the theme ends.

5. 5. G.I. Joe

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Not the original theme but the FAR superior movie version with some lunatic in the background screaming “COBRAAAAAAA” as the terrorist organization attempts to take over New York. This builds into the G.I. Joe theme and… well, if you don’t get chills going down your spine… you might be legally dead.

7. 4. Captain Planet

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It’s spoken word poetry for the soul. An early and earnest attempt to introduce rap to theme songs. Remember that looting and polluting are not the way.

9. 3. The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

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This is what happens when James Taylor turns to evil. Bonus points to whichever lyricist came up with the line: “rumbly tumbly, climbing a honey tree.” Sheer genius.

11. 2. Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears

Did a group of bears making illegal homebrew really deserve such a catchy theme song? Probably not. Will this song just spin in your head for the rest of the day till you bash your head against a wall? Definitely.

13. 1. Disney’s Ducktales

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Just say the word “Ducktales” to anyone over the age of 26. Watch in amusement as they mumble the first few lines and then yell, “Ducktales, WOO HOO!” It is guaranteed to make you smile.

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