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    30 "TikTok Made Me Buy It" Products That Are Just Really, Really Cool

    “Wakin’ up in the morning, thinking ’bout so many things…” - Me @ these products.

    1. This outlet that features a built-in night light, so you can actually see where to plug your device in instead of blindly jabbing at it. It also has four outlets on the sides, so your devices won't have to compete for charging real estate.

    2. A hand sanitizer dispensing bracelet that'll help you feel a little more at ease when you're doing your grocery shopping. Just use the included pipette to fill it with hand sanitizer, give it a little squeeze when you need it, and it'll dispense right onto your hand. It's way more convenient and sanitary than touching everything in your bag to find your bottle.


    3. A watermelon glow drop serum that'll help you shine brighter than a diamond. It's packed with hydrating ingredients like niacinamide, water melon extract, and hyaluronic acid to give your skin the moisture it's been craving.

    the dew drops on a pink backdrop with watermelon slices

    4. A daisy egg separator that'll help you avoid a messy dissection job when you're whipping up some meringue or pasta. Reviewers love that it fits right over most glasses, so they don't have to touch the egg at all.

    the daisy over a cup with the yolk in the middle

    5. A roll of dry erase contact paper that'll turn any surface into one you can write or doodle on. It's great for desks, office walls, or even to refresh your old, worn-out dry erase board.

    person writing on the white board paper

    6. A USB light projector that'll turn your entire room (or car) into a beautiful galaxy. It may be small, but reviewers say it fills their entire room with twinkling "stars."

    the light plugged into a laptop projecting onto a wall

    7. A pair of brow soap pomades that'll snatch your brows and make it look like you got them professionally laminated. Reviewers say it holds their brows in place all day without looking or feeling crusty.

    person holding the product

    8. A dehydrator that'll help you make your own dried fruit and veggies in no time. It has five stackable trays that you can use at the same time, when you feel like making a big batch.

    the dehydrator surrounded by dried fruit and veggies

    9. A pet water fountain, if your fur baby loves to drink running water. It has a two litre capacity, so you won't have to worry about your pet getting dehydrated if you're out for the day.

    the water fountain in front of a sleeping cat and dog

    10. This L'Oreal conditioning water that'll leave your locks feeling silky smooth. It's got nourishing ingredients like vitamins B3 & B5 and castor oil, and it won't weigh your hair down because of the liquid formula.

    11. A computer mount that'll help you clip your phone or hang your headphones right onto your monitor for easy access. Reviewers love using it to livestream while they game or reference notes when they don't want a double monitor setup.

    different situations with the phone or headphones around the mount

    12. A pack of detergent strips that'll save you laundry room space and reduce your disposable plastic use. One strip will clean an entire load, so you won't have to mess around with measurements and drips.

    person placing a strip into the washing machine

    13. A eucalyptus bundle that'll make your shower feel and smell extra refreshing by releasing natural essences when paired with steam. It also looks pretty displayed in a vase.

    the eucalyptus bundle on a shower

    14. A pair of sliding bins that'll help double up the usable space in your fridge. Tiktokers love them for keeping their sauces and small food items organized, so they no longer end up with a mouldy surprise every couple of weeks.

    a fridge before and after using the bins

    15. This tape measure with a digital display that'll save you from straining your eyes trying to guess what number it's on. It also has a memory function, which is useful if you forget things within half a second of seeing it.

    person looking at the display

    16. A pack of reusable silicone straws that'll peel open for easy cleaning, so you're never stuck wondering if there's any hidden gunk inside. Since they're silicone, they're easier to stuff into your bag than a metal straw.

    person cleaning the straw by opening it

    17. A rotating utensil holder that'll free up some counter space, and make it easier to find your tools. You can also use them to store keys, jewellery, or small towels.

    person putting a wooden utensil on the hook

    18. A trendy bubble candle that almost looks too pretty to burn (but make sure to use a dish if you do). It's super chic and will look good with any aesthetic.

    five bubble candles on a textured surface

    19. Or these equally popular goddess candles that look like ancient Greek sculptures. These lovely babes will make your room feel like an art gallery.

    the three body candles on a tray

    20. A suction cup razor holder that'll keep your shaving tool conveniently in reach (and help it dry properly — rusty blades are a no-no). Reviewers love how unobtrusive it it, since you won't need to drill or install any hardware.

    the suction on a wall with someone putting the razor in it

    21. A magnetic hair pin bracelet that'll help you keep all your pins in place while you're attempting that viral TikTok hair trend you saw. It's also great for keeping little screws or nails when you're doing some DIY around the house.

    the hair pins on the bracelet that someone is wearing while doing someone else's hair

    22. The NYX high shine that'll last all freakin' day and won't transfer onto your mask. Tiktokers were shook at how pigmented it is, and that it packs a mean gloss without feeling sticky.

    a row of the high shine lip colours

    23. A portable paw cleaner that'll scrub off every last speck of spring mud that your pupper loves to play in. It'll save you a ton of time (and towels), so you can spend more of it with your pet love.

    dog with their paw in the cleaner

    24. This retro tape dispenser that SPINS the record emblem every time you pull the tape, because it's all about the little joys in life, am I right? It has a weighted base, making it easy to rip off a piece one-handed when you've got your hands full.

    the tape in the dispenser

    25. A personal alarm that can blast a loud ringing sound that'll draw the attention of nearby people in an emergency situation. It's also got a flashlight that'll help you see in the dark. Hopefully you'll never have to use it.

    the alarm clipped on various bags and in someone's pocket

    26. A pair of prism glasses that are perfect for lazy folks who want to watch their fave shows in bed without having to sit up. Reviewers say it's also great for helping them correct their posture when they've been craning their neck looking down at their phones all day.

    person lying down watching TV

    27. A pair of car gap fillers that'll save your phone, change, and fries from falling into the dark abyss that is your seat crack. There's a slot for your seat belt clip, so you can still adjust your seat back and forth with the fillers in them.

    a car gap with phones, change, and fries on it

    28. A cable cover that'll hide all of those unsightly cords that stress you out way more than they should. They're extra safe too, since it'll prevent your curious pets from fiddling with the outlets and the slotted box helps ventilate any heat.

    the cords in the box before and after

    29. The L'Oreal Telescopic mascara, because the sky's the limit with the lengthening power of this baby. Reviewers say that it doesn't clump, smudge, or burn, making it a great dupe for higher end brands.

    a before and after of the mascara

    30. An egg cooker that'll quickly prepare up to six eggs at a time, and save you the hassle of waiting for a pot of water to boil. It can also steam veggies, and make poached eggs and omelets.

    the egg cooker filled with eggs next to a plate of devilled eggs

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