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    If You Love Crafting Cocktails, Here Are 29 Products To Build Up Your Home Bar

    Drink responsibly!

    1. A revolving bottle dispenser that'll give you quick and easy access to your favourite liquors with just a press of the buttons. The mounts for each bottle are spring loaded, so they can fit a variety of bottle sizes.

    bottles on the dispenser

    2. A set of drink markers that'll help you distinguish your drink from your roomie's, because we left sharing drinks back in 2019. Since they "grab on" to your glass, they're more versatile than regular wine markers that just wrap around the stem.

    little drink marker named chad holding onto a glass

    3. A decanter set that'll make you feel like you're on the set of Mad Men. It's budget-friendly, making it a great starter kit if you're just getting into the world of whiskey.

    the decanter filled with a dark liquor with the other glasses surrounding it

    4. A garnish compartment tray that'll help you put the finishing touches on your handcrafted beverages. Each compartment is removable, so they're also great for filling with sauces and condiments when you're eating.

    lemons, limes, rosemary, and raspberries in the tray

    5. This fancy electric corkscrew that'll pop open your bottle of vino in seconds. Gone are the days of stabbing at that stubborn little stopper.

    6. A rustic bar set that'll supply you with every tool of the trade, conveniently packed in a custom tray. You'll be prepared to tackle any recipe with this matching set (that you can mount on a wall to save some counter space, BTW).

    the tray with the tools hanging from a wall

    7. A balcony bar that'll help you make the most of your outdoor space. It comes with brackets that'll make installation a breeze, whether your balcony is made of glass, metal, or concrete. It's also foldable, so you can lay it flush to the barrier when you're not using it to save space.

    bar table on a metal and glass balcony

    8. A handcrafted wood muddler that'll help you smush out every last bit of flavour out of your fruity add-ins. The smaller end is great for single drinks and the larger end (and overall length) are perfect for pitchers.

    the muddler next to a glass

    9. An stovetop espresso maker, so you can whip up a delicious and Insta-worthy espresso martini. It's also great for camping trips, since it doesn't require any electricity (just a hot plate or gas stove).

    person pouring espresso in a cup

    10. A pack of bottle spouts that'll help you get the perfect pour every time. They'll give you better control over the amount you're adding, and they're also really handy for oil or vinegars in the kitchen.

    people pouring in glasses with bottles that have the spout

    11. A box of cocktail mixes that'll help you unwind with your favourite drinks at the end of a long day, without having to bust out 20 different ingredients.

    12. A set of felt coasters that'll protect your tabletops from scratches and water stains. Since they're made of fabric, they'll actually absorb the liquid instead of just making it pool up in a puddle.

    13. A citrus press that'll squeeze out a ton of fresh juice for your cocktails in no time. Margarita Mondays never tasted so good!

    person squeezing lime juice in a glass

    14. A colouring book that features some of your favourite animals enjoying classic drinks. Each page also includes the recipe and prep instructions for the drink that's highlighted.

    15. A trio of ice cube moulds that'll keep your drinks cool for longer (they'll melt slower because of the size). Reviewers love that the included covers make them easy to store in the freezer without spilling out.

    the three trays with examples of the ice they make underneath

    16. Or a fancy ice machine that'll spit out some frozen cubes in under 15 minutes, if you're super impatient. It has a removable tray and scoop, so you can bring the ice outside or in another room without lugging the whole device around.

    the ice machine next to two glasses of drinks with ice

    17. Or a pack of reusable whiskey stones that'll keep your drinks cold without watering them down. They'll also save you from spilling water all over the place trying to play Tetris with your ice cube tray in the freezer.

    the stones next to a glass of whiskey

    18. A pair of crystal champagne flutes, so you can celebrate special occasions with flair. Reviewers say that although they look delicate, they don't break when they get tipped over.

    a close up shot of the champagne flute

    19. A shot dispenser that'll pour out six shots at the same time, saving you from messy spills. It's great for when you're making multiple drinks at once.

    six shots under the dispenser with people taking them

    20. A sleek shaker bottle that looks beautiful enough to be a piece of decor. It comes with a built-in strainer cap, so you'll get a nice smooth pour without fruit bits and ice.

    the shaker on a slab of stone

    21. A industrial-style rolling bar cart that'll keep your bottles and glasses from taking up precious real estate in your cabinets. Reviewers also love using it to store appliances in their small kitchens.

    the bar car with glasses and bottles and plates on it

    22. These wine filters that'll help you enjoy a glass of your favourite vino without giving you a headache. The wand removes histamines and sulfites, so you won’t have to deal with congestion or a hot face.

    wine stirrer in a glass of wine

    23. A jigger with measurements on it, so you'll get your recipes right down to the very last drop. It has grooves to indicate the measurements, so you'll be able to pour the right amount even in dim lighting.

    24. A Ninja blender to mix up the perfect piña colada or margarita at home, if you miss having a tropical drink in your hand. It has a crushing technology that turns ice into perfectly smooth slush.

    person pouring drink from blender into glass

    25. A DIY gin kit, if you've always wanted to try distilling on your own. All you'll need to do is take a neutral alcohol (like vodka) and infuse it with the included botanicals to craft your own perfectly-fragrant gin.

    strainer, box, funnel, bottles, and botanicals

    26. A pair of copper mugs to serve up your Moscow Mules the proper way. The inner stainless steel metal keeps your drink cool for longer, so they're cute and functional.

    the copper mug with a drink in it and the straw

    27. A bottle opener that'll snap onto any magnetic surface and is super satisfying to use. The little basket will catch your caps, if you like to collect them.

    28. A hanging glassware display that'll free up some cabinet space while keeping your glasses in reach. It'll also keep them from collecting dust, since they'll be flipped upside down.

    six wine glasses hanging from the rack

    29. And finally, a neon light to complete your home bar, because that soft glow is just really, really comforting. It's battery powered, so it'll look neat and clean on your counter.

    a flamingo light


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