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    27 Tech Gadgets You'll Probably Use All The Time

    Making your life easier one device at a time.

    1. A ten-foot lightning charger, so you can keep your phone or tablet full of juice without being glued to a wall. You'll finally be able to flip over in bed when you're watching TikToks late at night.

    person lying on the bed with their phone lugged in via long charger

    2. This motion-activated stationary vacuum that'll suck up all the dirt and hair you've swept up around the house (without leaving any little bits behind like a dust pan). Reviewers with back problems love that it saves them from bending over when cleaning.

    the eye vac against a wall

    3. Or a Roomba i7+ robot vacuum that'll take care of the annoying chore for you, so you can spend more time doing things you actually enjoy. It comes with a charging and dirt disposal base, so once you set it up, you can forget about it for months at a time.

    4. An ergonomic mouse that'll take the strain off your wrists, if you've been working hard at your computer. It has six buttons, so it'll help save you a ton of time navigating through web pages, too.

    close up of hand of person using the ergonomic mouse

    5. A budget-friendly fitness watch that'll help you track your steps, heart rate, sleep quality, and distance travelled. You can also connect it to your phone to get all of your messages and notifications.

    person wearing the watch

    6. A versatile Amazon Show that you can use to set alarms, keep a calendar, check the news, and more, so you’ll be up to speed and ready for your day before you’re even out of bed. And if someone you know has one, you’ll be able to video chat with them!

    The Show on a table

    7. Or an Echo Flex that you can plug directly into an outlet. Use it to connect with the rest of your Amazon smart home products or to talk to Alexa when you're bored.

    The Echo Flex plugged into a bathroom wall

    8. A battery pack that'll fully charge your phone up to three times. Reviewers say it charges their devices at lightning speed and love that it's compatible with everything from tablets to wireless earphones.

    person sitting on a bench with their portable charger

    9. A Kindle Paperwhite that can hold an entire library of books, so you won't have to lug around a pile of paperbacks. The new and improved version is waterproof and has an anti-glare screen.

    person comparing the glare on a Kindle to a tablet

    10. A pair of wireless indoor security cameras that'll help you keep an eye on everything at home. It has night vision, motion detection, and even two-way sound, so you can tell your pet to "get away from those shoes!" when you're out.

    one of the security cameras on a table next to an Echo show

    11. A Tile tracker if you're always losing your keys. You can pair it with the free Tile app to make it ring loudly, so you'll even be able to hear it from between your couch cushions. Reviewers also love using it to track their adventurous pets.

    Tile pro hooked onto a keychain

    12. A Fire HD tablet with a thick case that'll help prevent your kiddos from shattering the screen when they drop it. The case has a stand on the back, so they'll be able to prop it up when they're watching a show.

    A child and parent lying on a bed watching a show from a small tablet

    13. This floatie humidifier that'll magically turn any glass of water into a hydrating mister. It's super portable and can plug right into your computer or other USB outlets.

    the humidifier in a glass of water on some books plugged into a laptop

    14. A ring light that'll up the ante when it comes to making TikToks or taking the perfect selfie. It has a phone holder and a Bluetooth remote, so you can get the perfect shot from wherever you are.

    person using the ring light to film a makeup tutorial

    15. A mini reusable notepad, if you love writing stuff down, but are always losing your notes. You can just use the special pen that's included, scan the note using the QR code to reveal a digital copy, and wipe away!

    person writing a grocery list on their notepad that includes milk eggs cheese and salt

    16. This Bluetooth speaker that's small enough to fit in your backpack. It may be tiny, but reviewers say the sound and bass can be heard all throughout their houses.

    person holding the speaker in one hand and a phone in the other

    17. A Ring doorbell that'll help you see and speak to whoever's knockin' at your door, even when you aren't home. It has a motion detector that'll trigger real-time notifications on the app, so you can watch packages being delivered and make sure your dog doesn't try to escape from your yard.

    people waving at the ring

    18. A pair of noise-cancelling earbuds that'll help you focus. You'll get up to six hours of nonstop play (with an extra 34 hours of charge from the case), and the built-in mic will be a lifesaver for conference calls.

    person taking an earbud out of the charging case

    19. A drawing tablet that'll help you digitally write or draw without costing an arm and a leg. It comes with a smart pen that easily toggles to an eraser, so you can spend more time sketching and less time messing around with settings.

    person writing on the tablet

    20. A 5-in-1 adapter, if computer just doesn't have enough ports. It works instantly — just plug it in and watch your devices connect.

    the adapter plugged into May's computer

    21. A little robot alarm clock that'll help wake up your little one on time and tell you the temperature in their room. It doubles as a night light, so it'll help ward off any monsters in the dark.

    child sleeping next to the alarm clock

    22. A trio of smart plugs that you'll be able to control from your phone, Alexa, or Google Home device, so you won't have to get out of bed to turn off the lights. You can also program them on a schedule, so you'll have one less thing to do during your day.

    person using their phone to control the smart plug which a lamp is plugged into

    23. A mug warmer that'll keep your coffee from going cold before you're done drinking it. Since the surface is flat, you'll be able to fit any size mug on it.

    a mug of a drink on the warmer

    24. A wireless charging station that'll keep all your devices organized and your desk free from cables. They're detachable (magnetically), so you can use them separately if you want, too.

    a phone, apple watch, and airpods on the charging dock

    25. A water flosser toothbrush combo that'll help you get your chompers feeling fresh and clean. The brush has five settings that are geared toward different dental goals and the water flosser will save you from the small, but annoying task of pulling out a big ol' string of floss every night (it's great for people with braces, too).

    the flosser and toothbrush duo on a table next to a glass

    26. This outlet with a built-in night light that'll save you from blindly jabbing at it with a plug, because you'll actually be able to see where everything is. It also has four outlets on the sides, so your devices won't have to compete for charging real estate.

    27. And finally, USB light projector that'll transform your entire room (or car) into a beautiful galaxy. It may be small, but reviewers say it fills their entire room with twinkling "stars."

    the light plugged into a laptop projecting onto a wall

    You with all your new electronics:

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