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    24 Things That'll Help You Take Better Care Of Your Belongings

    So they look better and last longer.

    1. An electric fabric shaver that'll get rid of all those annoying little pills and lint that have built up on your clothes over time. You can also use them to refresh your furniture and pillows, if they've been suffering from some wear and tear.

    2. A water-resistant laptop case protect your computer from accidental drops and scratches. It has four extra pockets, so you can use it to store your cables and other gear, too.

    the laptop case on a table next to a laptop and book

    3. A tin of wood wax that'll help fill in all the little scratches that have accumulated on your old furniture over the years. It'll also nourish the wood surface, so it'll look fresh and won't crack as easily.

    4. A pack of dye-catching sheets that'll keep your white socks from turning pink, without having to do a whole separate load. Even if you do separate out your whites, it'll help your coloured clothing keep its original colour.

    the sheets next to a basket

    5. A can of oven cleaner that'll cut through years of grease and food residue, leaving your appliance looking straight out of the store. Reviewers say it's also great for hard water stains in the shower and BBQ grills.

    6. And a stove-cleaning kit that'll remove buildup on the top of your appliance. The little razor will scrape away food crud without scratching your stovetop.

    7. A pair of waterproof phone cases that'll completely seal off your phone (or wallet) and keep it safe from dirt or water damage. And don't worry, you'll still be able to use your phone or touch ID through the plastic.

    the phone in the case next to a bag and flip flops

    8. A jewellery cleaning pen that'll restore your beloved baubles back to their former glory. The bristles will get into every little crevice, but they're soft enough that they won't scratch your treasures.

    the diamond cleaning pen on a table next to a ring

    9. A set of scratch guards that'll protect your furniture from getting torn up by your cat. They're adhesive and can stick on their own, but they come with 50 twist pins if you really don't want them to budge.

    cat scratching the guard on a couch

    10. A steering wheel cover that'll protect your steering wheel from wear and tear, and provide some temperature control in the hottest and coldest months.

    steering wheel cover on a steering wheel

    11. A pack of mouldable glue that'll help you mend all the broken things around your house that you don't know how to fix. Once it dries, it's waterproof, UV resistant, electrically insulating, and temperature resistant (but can still be removed from most non-porous surfaces).

    person fixing their headphones with the glue

    12. A four-piece vanity unit that'll store and protect all of your cosmetic goodies. They're stackable, so you can rearrange them in any way that fits your space.

    13. A hair catcher that'll turn into a drain stopper with the press of a button. It'll save you the small (but annoying) task of switching between your hair catcher and stopper when you go from shower to bath, and prevent a messy drain cleaning job.

    14. These toaster bags that'll help you make a grilled cheese without having to wash a single plate (and keep your toaster clean in the process). They'll also help you crisp up things that don't normally go in the toaster, like fries and pizza.

    a sandwich in a bag in the toaster

    15. This seat cover that'll protect your seats from scratches and dirt. It's also water resistant, so you won't have to stress if your dog takes a dip before your drive.

    the seat cover in the backseat of a car

    16. A bottle of shoe protection spray that'll keep your footwear safe from water, dirt, and oil damage by creating a repellent barrier. You can also use it on your coats and bags to condition the leather and prevent cracking.

    17. A hard bristle brush that'll bring your carpets and upholstery back to their former glory. It'll also loosen any caked-in dirt and hairs, so your vacuum will actually be able to pick them up.

    person brushing a carpet with the brush

    18. A pack of laundry wipes that you can use to clean the built-up lint and detergent out of your machines. Reviewers say it's a must-have for pet owners whose furry friends' hair always gets caught in the filters.

    person wiping the inside of their dryer

    19. A thermal laminator that'll help you protect the documents you want to keep around for a while. It'll also turn any paper into a reusable surface that you can write on with dry erase markers.

    the thermal laminator laminating a calendar

    20. A brush cleansing mat that'll help you deep clean your brushes, so they last longer and won't harbour bacteria. It has suction cups on the back, meaning it won't slip and slide while you wash.

    person washing their brushes on the mat

    21. This bag organizer that'll protect your handbags from collecting dust and free up some valuable shelf real estate at the same time. You'll be able to easily slide them in and out, so you won't have to fiddle around with zippers or Velcro every time you leave the house.

    22. A pair of flat containers that'll help you store your out-of-season clothing under the bed. Since it has a clear cover, you'll actually be able to see what you threw into it when the next season rolls around.

    the bin with sweaters in it under a bed

    23. This handy little cleaning pen to really get into those hard-to-reach places in between your keyboard keys. Reviewers also love them for cleaning their earbuds and camera gear.

    Cleaning pen brush cleaning between keyboard

    24. And finally, a matte screen protector that'll feel like you're drawing on paper. It'll keep your iPad free of scratches and make your digital illustrating experience more satisfying.

    matte screen protector coming out of a case with keys and a drawing pencil

    You to all your things:

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