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    Give Your Balcony A Glow-Up This Spring With These 27 Products

    Because your deck deserves it.

    1. A balcony bar that'll help you make the most of your outdoor space. It comes with brackets that'll make installation a breeze, whether your balcony is made of glass, metal, or concrete. It's also foldable, so you can save space by laying it flush to the barrier when you're not using it.

    bar table on a metal and glass balcony

    2. A balcony shield that'll protect you from prying eyes and UV rays. You can weave them through your railing or use the included zip ties and rope to make it work for your space.

    A balcony with the privacy screen on one side

    3. A string of waterproof lights that'll make your space feel magical and cozy. They're dimmable, so you can adjust the brightness depending on how much light you want.

    the lights across a balcony

    4. A set of interlocking deck tiles that'll feel nicer on your feet than those concrete slabs. They don't require any tools to install (just snap 'em together!) and will make your balcony look way more put together.

    the interlock on a balcony floor

    5. Or some faux grass that'll make your balcony look fresh and add some greenery (which is especially nice if you don't have a backyard).

    the grass on a deck

    6. A mini projector that you can use for cozy movie nights outdoors (just point it at a blank wall or pick up a screen). Since it's wireless and portable, it's great for camping trips or backyard movie marathons, too.

    the projector on a table

    7. A surprisingly-affordable hammock that you can kick your feet up in and take a little mid-day snooze. The boho cottage-y vibes it gives off make it the perfect addition to your cozy outdoor space.

    the hammock on a front porch

    8. Or this hanging chair that'll make you feel like you're on vacation. Grab a good book to read and you'll be set to curl up for hours.

    the chair with two cushions in it

    9. An outdoor table, so you have a place to put your phone or snacks. It won't take up much space and it's foldable, so you can bring it with you on a picnic or camping trip, too.

    person sitting on a picnic mat with the table next to them and a water bottle, banana, and phone on the table

    10. A plush gradient beach towel that'll help soak up your sweat (and make you more comfortable), if you'll be lying in the sun all day. It can also double as a throw when it starts to get a bit chilly.

    the beach towel on a chair

    11. A pressure washer that'll help you blast away the dirt and debris that have been building up on your balcony for years. Reviewers say that after using it, their patios have never looked so good.

    person pressure washing their deck

    12. A pack of artificial ivy garlands that'll turn your balcony into a garden oasis, without the maintenance (if you don't exactly have the greenest thumb). Reviewers love pairing them with fairy lights to make them that much more whimsical.

    the ivy garlands in a fence

    13. A saddle planter that you can fasten onto your balcony rail, so the wind won't blow your plants over. It has drainage holes, which means you won't have to stress about overwatering (and a pocket to catch the water, so it won't leak all over).

    the saddle planter on the rails with a plant in it

    14. A set of crystal pendants that'll catch the sun and fill your balcony with little rainbows. Reviewers say the way they're cut makes them look like they're shimmering.

    the three pendants hanging

    15. A pair of patio chairs, so you can lean back and relax (yes, they recline). They're foldable, making it easy to store them in the winter or bring them along on your next outdoor adventure.

    the chairs next to a table under an umbrella

    16. And a quilted chair pad that'll make any seat more comfortable on your tush. It has strings on two of the corners, meaning you can tie them to your chair and they won't fly away.

    the cushion on the chair

    17. A zesty lemon rug that'll brighten up your balcony and your mood. It's comfy to rest your feet on and it won't get all gross, because it's made for the outdoors.

    the rug on a balcony with rattan decor and a table around it

    18. A set of citronella-scented candles that'll help ward off mosquitos and other unwanted bugs. They smell fresh, will add ambient light, and the tin containers can be reused to store your little bits and bobs.

    the tins of candles

    19. A pack of outdoor clips that are strong enough to withstand the elements (they're waterproof and UV resistant). They'll make putting up lights or other decor so much easier and they're renter-friendly, too.

    20. This jar lantern with a sweet little message that'll give your space a soft glow, without being too overpowering. It runs on batteries, so you won't have to take up one of your balcony's only outlets.

    the lantern on a stack of books

    21. A colourful tablecloth that'll protect your table from spills and scratches. You won't need to iron it and it's really easy to clean (we love a low-maintenance product).

    the tablecloth on a table with plate settings

    22. And a set of tablecloth weights that'll keep your table cover from flying away. You can clip them right onto the corners, so you won't have to worry about them taking up space on your table.

    the weight hanging from a tablecloth

    23. A cube-shaped pouf that you can use as an extra seat, footrest, or even as a side table. It's made of sturdy PVC, so it won't get messed up in a storm and it'll be a breeze to clean.

    the pouf

    24. A double-ended sponge and squeegee that'll come in handy if you have glass barriers that need some serious TLC. It's also great for cleaning your windows, car windshield, and shower.

    person cleaning a glass window with the squeegee

    25. A nylon planter cover that'll look sleeker than those boring old terracotta pots. It's pretty much weatherproof, so it'll keep that gorgeous navy colour without fading.

    a plant in the planter

    26. A scenic cushion that'll give you somewhat of a view, if all your balcony oversees is buildings on buildings. You can also flip it over and display the plain blue side when you want to change things up.

    the hike pillow on a bench outdoors with a blanket and a book

    27. And lastly, a light-up water fountain that'll turn your balcony into a relaxing sanctuary with its calming trickling sounds. It recycles water with a pump, so all you'll need to do is plug it in.

    the water fountain in a garden

    You once your balcony is ready for sunnier days:

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