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    26 Stationery Products That'll Help You Get Your Life Together

    Pens, notebooks, sticky notes, and more!

    1. A pack of Sharpie gel pens that'll glide across your paper like buttah. They won't smudge or bleed, making them perfect for taking notes that you'll actually need to read later.

    2. And a funky cow print notebook to write or doodle in (you can get it lined or unlined). It's made with heavy text paper, so you'll be doubly protected against ink bleed-through.

    the notebook closed

    3. A birthday card for the person who's officially celebrating their second quarantine birthday. It can be tough to keep your social life in check when you can't see your friends, so sending them a card is a nice little gesture.

    a card with a virus drawing that says sorry coronavirus fucked up your birthday again

    4. A scanner pen that'll copy text from a book directly onto your computer, so you won't have to spend time typing. It'll even read back the text out loud, making it a great companion for studying.

    person using the scanner over some text

    5. A pair of minimalistic bullet journals that'll give you all the creative freedom (with just a lil' bit of structure from the dots). Reviewers love that it's spiral-bound, since it's easier to focus on one page without ruining the binding.

    the notebooks with one open and one close

    6. A set of hand-lettered stickers that you can use in your planner if you like the look of consistent headers (and are too lazy to do it yourself). They're printed on clear sticker paper, so they won't have a bulky border when applied on a coloured or patterned background.

    the sheets of stickers

    7. A pack of erasable pens, if you think ink > pencil, but hate commitment. They'll add a pop of colour to your notes, and you won't have to whip out the stinky white-out when you make a mistake.

    person holding the pack of pens

    8. A clipboard that's great for taking handwritten notes, if you like to work from your couch or bed. It can also make a great piece of decor, when you clip on a photo or your favourite quote.

    the clipboard with a piece of paper on it next to some home decor

    9. A set of file folders that'll help you organize all of your random documents and important slips. The variety of marble and terrazzo prints with alternating labels will look stylish in your home office (and help you differentiate your taxes from your transcripts).

    the marble print and the terrazzo print

    10. A roll of washi tape that'll make journaling or note-taking so much better, because CORGIS! It's actually really functional too, since you can use it to tape notes or photos.

    four rolls of the washi tape rolled across a journal page

    11. A minimalistic container that'll help you organize your stationery. You'll actually be able to see what's inside, so you won't have to dig around to find that one eraser you love.

    the container with pens and pencils

    12. An extra-large calendar that'll help you plan out an entire month at once. It has sections for your monthly focus, to-do list, and even an achievement block.

    the calendar with a pen on it

    13. A mystery box filled with a bunch of goodies like pens, sticky notes, washi tape, and more. It's a fun little gift for yourself, if you're a stationery enthusiast that loves surprises, too.

    a pile of stationery items with the text mystery stationery box across it

    14. A set of calligraphy pens that'll help you hand letter with ease. They don't bleed or wear down, and reviewers love using them to sketch and design, too.

    hand-lettered pages with someone writing on one

    15. And a hand-lettering exercise book to help you practice your calligraphy. It's full of helpful tips and tricks and there's tons of space to practice.

    a shot of a page with common words and practice spaces

    16. A set of erasers that are shaped like little pencils (how ironic). Reviewers say they work great at completely getting rid of their mistakes and leave their papers streak-free.

    person erasing with the eraser

    17. A notebook that'll remind you to get stuff done and help keep track of all your brilliant ideas. It's made with vegan leather and has gold-lined pages, so it'll look super fancy on your desk.

    the notebook that says get it done in gold letters but the it has an sh etched in front of it

    18. A pack of Post-it notes in 15 different colours that'll help you colour coordinate all of your reminders and random thoughts. They're made with an extra sticky formula, so they won't fall off of your walls and disappear under your furniture (but don't worry, they won't leave residue either).

    an office with post it notes on the wall

    19. And a sticky note dispenser that'll make your life a little bit easier since you won't have to deal with peeling the tiny pages apart. It can also hold some of your pens and other tools since it has a cup-shaped design.

    the post it holder with scissors and highlighters in it too

    20. A stapler that'll help keep up to 15 pages organized together. The sleek acrylic and rose gold will look nice and clean on your desk (because finding a stapler that matches your aesthetic ain't easy).

    the stapler on a desk next to staples

    21. And a matching set of push pins, paperclips, and binder clips that'll help you organize your cork board or other documents. They all come in a handy clear container that'll make everything easy-peasy to find.

    person taking a binder clip out of the tin

    22. A pack of colourful markers that are double-ended for twice as much functionality. Since they're alcohol-based, they're great for blending (and they dry super quickly!).

    a drawing of a girl with braids and a butterfly next to some markers

    23. A spacious pencil case that'll help you store all of your stationery essentials. It's packed with pockets, so everything can have its own place and you won't have to dig around when you're looking for your fave pen.

    the pencil case with pens in it and stationery around it

    24. A custom rubber stamp that'll add a personal touch to all of your artwork or documents. They're perfect for branding packaging if you're a small business owner or for adding a finishing touch on wedding invites.

    various stamps that say your name on them

    25. An electric pencil sharpener that'll get all of your pencils nice and pointy without straining your wrist. It's also great for people with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or who have a limited range of motion in their hands.

    the pencil sharpener on a piece of paper next to two pencil crayons and an eraser

    26. And lastly, a cute little hedgehog tape dispenser that'll keep you company while you work away at your desk. It's weighted, so you can snap off a piece of tape with one hand if you're a multi-tasking pro.

    You planning, journaling, or doodling your days away:

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