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    If You Love Your Car, You Might Need These 31 Products In Your Life

    Vroom vroom.

    1. A magnetic phone mount that's so discreet, it'll look like part of your car. Since it's round, your phone will get a full range of motion when you're using it.

    2. This collapsible trunk organizer that's great for storing all the random junk in your car — and you can even use it to bring in groceries in a single trip. It has plenty of pockets and compartments, so it'll save you space while keeping everything in order.

    May's trunk organizer filled with things like a circle saw and a jug of oil

    3. A memory foam cushion that'll make driving a little more comfortable on your tush. It even has a handy pocket on the front where you can store your phone or wallet, so you won't have to jam it between your legs.

    person driving in a car with the memory foam seat in the passenger seat

    4. A headlight cleaning kit that'll help you clear up those foggy covers (instead of spending big bucks to replace them). It'll make your car look brand new and actually protect your headlights from yellowing.

    a before and after of the foggy headlights

    5. A pair of microfibre gloves that'll help you wipe off all the dust in your car (how does it always get SO dusty, though?). They'll give you more control than a brush and they're more convenient than keeping a big ol' tub of wipes in your glove compartment.

    6. And a handheld vacuum that'll help you get into all the little crevices between and around your seats (AKA the land of the crumbs and loose change). You won't have to bust out an extension cord, since it's wireless and rechargeable.

    person cleaning a gap with the vacuum

    7. A blinged-out steering wheel cover, because it never hurts to have a little sparkle in your life. It'll help your protect your steering wheel from wear and tear, and provide some temperature control in the hottest and coldest months.

    the steering wheel cover on a steering wheel

    8. A trio of car fresheners that'll keep your ride smelling like it just came out of the dealership. It'll actually remove odours (instead of just covering them up), and you can adjust the strength of the scent with the built-in dial.

    9. A set of car LED lights that'll make night drives a little more magical. They have a built-in sensor that'll sync to your music and turn your car into the coolest whip on the block.

    the lights under the driver and passenger seat

    10. A whimsical set of coasters that'll keep your cup holders clean and free of scratches. They have a little groove in them, so you can easily pop them out to clean them.

    the four coasters with flowers and sparkles

    11. An AUX cord that'll help you play your jams if your car doesn't have Bluetooth. It's 4-feet long, so you can delegate the DJ role to someone else in your vehicle, too.

    the aux cord plugged into someone's phone

    12. Or an FM transmitter that'll convert your vintage vehicle into a Bluetooth-friendly one. You can also use it to charge two devices at the same time, play music via USB, and take hands-free calls.

    May holding the FM transmitter

    13. This brilliant tray that'll attach to your steering wheel so you can eat or work when your car is parked. One side is meant for eating (it has a cupholder!), while the other side is flatter and will hold your laptop and a pen.

    14. This windshield cover that'll make heading out so much easier in the winter and protect the inside of your car from UV damage in the summer. It'll also cover your side mirrors and it shuts tight with Velcro, so you won't have to worry about it blowing away.

    the cover on a car, half off to show that there is no snow underneath

    15. A bottle of glass treatment that'll make rain roll effortlessly off your windows, so driving in a storm will be way less stressful. Reviewers say it also reduces soapy water marks in their glass showers.

    two sides of a windshield showing rain that using the treatment makes the water slide down more

    16. A portable tire pump to keep in your trunk for those unfortunate flat-tire moments. It has a built-in pressure monitor, so you can measure exactly how much air you're pumping. It's also got a handy flashlight, so you can even use it at night.

    the pump next to a tire in the day and in the night

    17. A pair of car gap fillers that'll save your phone, change, and fries from falling into the dark abyss that is your seat crack. There's a slot for your seat belt clip, so you can still adjust your seat back and forth with the fillers in them.

    a car gap with phones, change, and fries on it

    18. A seat belt pad that'll make you more comfortable, if you hate when the strap digs into your skin. It sticks on with adjustable Velcro, so it won't go sliding up and down.

    a before and after of the selt belt pad off and on

    19. A sticky dash mat, so you can keep track of all your stuff while you're driving. Reviewers with keyless start-activated cars say it helps them remember their keys when they get out of the car.

    a phone and pair of keys on the mat

    20. An emergency car tool that'll help you get out of your car if the lock or seatbelts ever get jammed. You can use the spring-loaded steel hammer to break your windows and the razor cutter to slice your seatbelt apart.

    person cutting their seat belt with the device

    21. A pair of blind spot mirrors that'll help you see a wider range of traffic if you're a new (or cautious) driver. They can rotate around, so you can adjust them if you share a car with somebody or if you need help with parallel parking.

    the mirror on a car side mirror

    22. A pair of stainless steel bag hooks, so you'll always have a place to put your groceries or purse. They'll save your things from sliding around on the seats and help make more room in your car.

    23. Or a pair of back seat organizers, that'll keep all your miscellaneous doodads in order. They feature bottle holders, tablet slots, a tissue box, and a ton of other useful pockets and hooks, so your backseat buddies will have everything they need.

    a picture of a messy backseat and what it looks like all organized in the organizer

    24. A pair of sauce holders that’ll clip to the vents in your car so you can enjoy their fries or nuggets on the go. You'll actually be able to eat your food before it gets cold and avoid messy spills at the same time.

    person dipping a dry into a dip clip with ketchup

    25. A trash bin that'll help you keep your car clean. It's waterproof on the inside, so you won't have to worry about that last sip of soda getting all over your seats. And there is even a tissue holder and a pocket to keep some cleaning supplies on hand.

    person pulling a tissue out of the garbage bin

    26. A dash camera that'll record your driving history, so you can have video evidence in case an accident or theft happens. It has a wide-angle lens, can capture footage in low light, and even records sound.

    the dash cam mounted on a window

    27. This tiny scraper that'll remove pet fur from your seats when it just doesn't wanna come off. It's simple, but the rubber ends really grab onto the hairs for a solution that any pet lover will appreciate.

    person demonstrating how to hold the scraper

    28. And this seat cover that'll save you from a big cleaning job, if your furry friend loves to play in the mud. It's also water resistant, so you won't have to stress if your dog takes a dip before your drive.

    the seat cover in the backseat of a car

    29. A four-bike rack, if you and your family love to cycle. It'll fit right into the hitch of your car and can be folded down flat when you're not using it.

    a bike on the rack

    30. A pair of sun visor clips that'll keep your spare glasses from getting scuffed in your console. You can also use them for other thin objects, like your credit cards or tickets, so they won't go flying around in your vehicle.

    a pair of sunglasses and credit card held by the clip

    31. A battery booster that'll come in handy when you least expect it (because there's nothing worse than being stuck somewhere and your car won't start). It also has a flashlight and can be used as a power bank, if you need to charge your phone in a pinch.

    You in your newly decked-out car:

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