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    15 Perfect Products For Anyone Who Takes Their Lunch To Work

    Make your coworkers jealous.

    1. This lunch bag that doubles as a placemat, which means no more keyboard crumbs!

    2. These mega cool reusable juice boxes that make sustainability extra fun.

    3. This food-warming lunch Crock that'll make your coworkers rage with envy when they have to wait to use the microwave.

    4. This adorable pastel bento box.

    5. This book-shaped lunch box that will bring back elementary school vibes.

    6. This insulated ~thermo-pot~ that's perfect for the winter months.

    7. This gorgeous sealing lunch box that's perfect for people who don't like their foods to touch.

    8. This collapsible bento box for easy storage.

    9. This canning jar lunch adaptor — because mason jar meals are cool, but soggy food isn't.

    10. These snack tubes that are also ice pop molds, in case you want to make a mid-afternoon frozen treat.

    11. This salad kit that will keep ingredients fresh and cool, thanks to the freezable center tray.

    12. This rad food cozy wrap, a waste-free alternative to Ziploc baggies.

    13. This collapsible pizza box kit that can transport two slices.

    14. These twist-and-lock storage jars for days when you can't decide on just one snack.

    15. This freeze gel snack container for serial parfait eaters.

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