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    17 Things You Need For Your Apartment If You're A Total Homebody

    I've got everything I need, so why would I ever leave?

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    1. A dual-basket air fryer that'll help you make meals at home faster (and with fewer pots and pans to wash). As a bonus, you can sync the two sides to finish at the same time, even if they're cooking at different temperatures.

    person taking out asparagus from one of the baskets

    2. A plush wearable blanket that you'll never want to take off. If you're always cold, but constantly moving around, you'll definitely appreciate the sleeves and Velcro closure on this baby.

    person wearing the blanket and watching TV

    3. A gorgeous labyrinth bookshelf that'll act as a room divider and a place to display all of your treasures. Reviewers also love mounting it on the wall and using it to display plants.

    the bookshelf with books and vases on it

    4. A fluffy duvet cover that'll make you feel like you're sleeping in a cloud. Reviewers say it's great for every season, and they just use it without the duvet inside during the warmer months.

    The duvet on a bed

    5. A TV stand with plenty of storage space for all of your gaming consoles and accessories. The lower cabinet features two sliding barn doors, so you can just glide 'em on over when you've got some junk to conceal.

    the TV unit with books and decor in it

    6. A fancy bedside table that'll give you a place to store all of your nighttime essentials. It has a built-in LED light to help you set the mood before bed, plus there are outlets and a wireless charger on the top for all your gadgets.

    the nightstand next to a bed with the light on filled with books and a lamp on top

    7. An ultra-quiet air purifier that'll freshen up your space. It uses HEPA-grade filters to remove dust, odours, and other things you don't want to be breathing in throughout the day.

    the air purifier on a nightstand next to a bed

    8. A lap desk that'll basically replace your need for a home office, since you can use it anywhere (even while lazing about in bed). It has a built-in wrist pad and mousepad, along with both a tablet and phone holder.

    person using the lap desk for their laptop in the floor

    9. A rustic storage chest that'll help you hide away all of the toys, throws or any other random unsightly items lying around in your space. It has safety hinges to help it close slowly, so it won't snap on anybody's fingers.

    the chest under a set of hooks

    10. A hanging planter that'll double as a piece of minimalistic decor. It'll help your plant babies get some sunshine, and the pot is removable so you won't have to take the whole thing down when repotting.

    the planters hanging with plants in them

    11. An embroidery kit so you can get in touch with your creative side when you're done bingeing Netflix shows. It has everything you need to get started, so you won't have to chase down any extra pieces.

    person using the kit

    12. An electric wax melt that'll indulge you in the same aromatherapy as a candle but without the flame, meaning it won't leave soot all over the place. It also doubles as a pretty nightlight.

    the wax melt

    13. An L-shaped desk that'll give you tons of space for all your WFH or gaming (or both) needs. It features a sliding keyboard tray and built-in power station to keep everything organized and powered up.

    14. A snack caddy for carrying all your snacks to your designated movie-watching space. It'll save you a few trips and make cleaning everything up easy afterwards.

    the snack caddy filled with snacks

    15. A hydroponic garden so you can grow your own little herbs to season your food with. It comes with six different pods that you can nurture from seed to sprout.

    the hydroponic garden with herbs in it

    16. A Nintendo Switch Lite that'll immerse you into a bunch of different worlds (if you need an escape from the real one). Reviewers say it's a better handheld experience than the original Nintendo Switch, which docks into your TV.

    person playing Nintendo Switch Lite

    17. And finally, a pantry cabinet that'll give you a ton of storage space for all your snacks and ingredients, if you're trying to order less Uber Eats. When you're not using it, it'll conveniently snap closed with magnets and hide everything inside.

    You with everything on this list:

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