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Things Millennial Girls Love

A list of widely loved activities, people, and delicious spreads to help us relate to the women of our generation.

Kristen Wiig.

"Boozy" brunch. / Via http://Tumblr

Having a list. / Via http://Tumblr

Crossing things off of said list. / Via http://Whatshouldwecallme

Wine. / Via http://Tumblr



Holy f ^#^$^*# s*%^, guacamole hummus.

Being too tired to go out.



Excessive amounts of coffee.

Calling themselves fat.

Skinny arms.

Snapchatting awkward close-up faces.

Getting a short(er) haircut.

Tina Fey.


Law and Order: SVU.


Yoga Pants. / Via http://9gag

Being in "shambles."

Having a gay friend.

...And, of course, sharing BuzzFeed lists.

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