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9 Totally Legit Not Fake Aussie Tradies

These are the true stories of real Aussie tradies.

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This is Bill, he's a true blue tradie just workin' a hard day's work to get food on the table. He doesn't care for all that "politics", he's just lookin' to support his lifestyle and maybe buy a second house.

Mick Tsikas / AAPIMAGE

Billy and his mates love havin' a walk and a chattin' about their fave kinds of protective goggles. What a bunch of legit, true blue, hard workers.

Mick Tsikas / AAPIMAGE

Look who it is! Bill's best mate Albo stopped by. What a rascal! Before Albo, no one had ever thought to wander around a worksite carrying a ceramic mug.

Mick Tsikas / AAPIMAGE

Here's everyone's great mate Tone! Tone has been working real hard lately to support his family. His daughters all want a second pony! Being a regular down-to-earth tradie is tough work, right Tone?

Richard Wainwright / AAPIMAGE

What a beautiful sight! Old mate Tasty Hastie celebrating "bring your grandpa to work" day. Onya Tasty!

Sarah Motherwell / AAPIMAGE

They even let grandpa lift a cylinder! He's so proud. What a cherub.

Lukas Coch / AAPIMAGE

Here's Dasher, just a true-blue tradie hangin' out with some of his mates on the job!

Dan Himbrechts / AAPIMAGE

Jules and Fi love havin' a laugh when they aren't busy, working hard on the site to make ends meet. Those designer earrings don't grow on trees!

Gemma Najem / AAPIMAGE

Honestly, I think this guy accidentally wandered onto the worksite and isn't a real tradie at all.

Rebecca Le May / AAPIMAGE