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    Everything You Missed From Episode 11 Of "The Bachelor" Australia In 90 Seconds

    Tough Mudder, tonsil hockey, and SO many feelings.

    Did you miss Episode 11 of The Bachelor Australia? Spoilers: they're all blonde. JK! But seriously it'll only take 90 seconds to catch up on what happened.

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    The Solo Date:

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    Nikki got the single date probably because she's the best. Sorry if you hate favouritism. Richie picked her up in an oldey-timey car and they drove off to (Chitty Chitty) Bang Bang. He also mentioned that he had "tailor made" the date for her, I guess because every time she sees Richie she screams AHOOGA, AHOOOOOOGA.

    They drove to an oldey-timey pub to have a drink, and honestly they were really cute together. Probably because Nikki is the best. Nikki basically put all her cards on the table, and was very upfront with Richie. Richie romantically tucked her hair behind her ear, like he did with Olena, Alex, Osher, and a postman.

    A 40-piece bluegrass band came out, and the two of them line danced like two toddlers at a hillbilly wedding. Look, I hated it so much but it was really cute. Then Nikki was really open and honest again. She said stuff like, "If you choose me, you will have all of me" and "I just want to be around you all the time".

    SURPRISE OF THE NIGHT: Richie brought out a rose for her, and then they pashed. A new and unique way for Richie to end a solo date!!!! Nikki for the win.

    The Group Date:

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    I know I've complained about how ridiculous and competitive the group dates have been this season, but today's group date was a literal obstacle course WITH A TWIST! The women had to ~work together~ to complete it.

    Olena was like, "why am I doing this?" because she's... a normal person? But after scaling a wall, Olena raced Richie through the mud crawl. This really impressed Richie, probably because he got a flashback-boner to Alex covered in chocolate last episode.

    At the end of the challenge, Olena won the solo time. "I ate mud for you," she said, perfectly summing up this whole season. Olena voiced concerns and feelings, and Richie brought out a rose for her, and then they pashed.

    The Cocktail Party:

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    The women ~unintentionally~ sat on different sides of the cocktail party, split into "the women who have had more than one single date", and what we’ll call “the ones that won’t be in the final three”.

    Kiki believed she and Intruder Steph would be the two on the chopping block. Gotta Have Faith felt like SHE was headed home. As A Mum Alex started online shopping for wedding dresses. But, thankfully, for the first time in recent memory we didn't have to endure a chat about the white rose, which made me think prayer works.

    The Rose Ceremony:

    Network Ten

    In the longest rose ceremony of my life, Richie KEPT THE ONLY BRUNETTE LEFT!!!! Faith was bawling before the final rose was even given out, but it was Kiki who was sent packing.

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