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    Here’s What Thor Was Doing During “Captain America: Civil War”

    Just chillin' in Australia with his new roomie, Darryl.

    Marvel released documentary footage which they played at Comic-Con this year, explaining exactly where Thor was during the events of Captain America: Civil War.

    See what Thor was up to during #CaptainAmericaCivilWar. Get this and more on Digital HD 9/2.

    The mockumentary video was shown exclusively during their Hall H presentation, as a teaser for Thor: Ragnarok, but has now been put online for everyone to see.

    As Thor tells it, after saving the Earth from Ultron, he needed a bit of rest and relaxation.

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @Marvel

    Basically, Thor just wanted to spend some time with regular everyday people.

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @Marvel

    He's also been doing some of his own investigations into upcoming bad dudes.

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @Marvel

    Yep, his notes on Thanos include:

    - Purple

    - Magic Glove

    - Doesn't like standing up.

    And he showed off some of his sick artistic skills.

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @Marvel

    But he wasn't alone! Bruce Banner stopped by for a latte and a chat, mostly about why Iron Man and Captain America hadn't called Thor yet.

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @Marvel

    Plus they touched on one of the BIGGEST MYSTERIES in the Marvel Universe.

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @Marvel


    #TeamThor for eva.

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @Marvel

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