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The Australian Liberal Party Launched A Snapchat Filter And Everything Is Awful

"I'm guessing made by someone who still says 'totes'."

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Snapchat unveiled a new animated filter, or "lens", allowing users to share a "vote Liberal" message to their friends.

The Liberal party just stepped up the Snapchat filter game to a whole new level.

The filter then displays a banner that exclaims "A PLAN THAT WORKS".

But many people aren't too happy with the plan.

Cringe things: - Greens guy saying "corrupt af" - Liberal party snapchat filter - #auspol in general

And the takes have been totes savage.

So. The Liberal Party has a Snapchat filter. I'm guessing made by someone who still says "totes". #ausvotes

Some see it as an effort to appeal to younger voters.

how to get down with the fellow kids 101 by the liberal party of australia: make a snapchat filter.....

While parties in the US and Australia have both dabbled in political geofilters, this is the first time a lens has been politicised.

"How could a Liberal party snapchat filter go wrong" asked the liberal party who literally never get the youth vote

But... it might not have the effect the Liberals are looking for

Dw I fixed the liberal snapchat filter #ausvotes #PutTheLiberalsLast

Although, who knows, it may surprise everyone.

@matwhi I caught the moment I discovered it

Like REALLY surprise everyone.

THIS IS HUGE. SNAPCHAT SAYS VOTE LIBERAL. #ausvotes @billshortenmp !?!? @workmanalice

Long live the future of voting: Snapchat filters!

weird that due to snapchat filters australia has now elected a flower-crowned princess with impeccable skin to high office