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This "Star Wars" Theory About Rey Is Insane

More like Grandpa-lpatine.

The conclusion of Star Wars: The Force Awakens left us all with one question: Who are Rey's parents?


While many people believed the final shot was a clue to Rey being a Skywalker, there were just as many theories that she was a Kenobi, or someone totally unrelated to previous characters from the series.

But a new theory has awakened: that Rey is in fact Emperor Palpatine's granddaughter.


YouTuber Vincent Vendetta uploaded a video compiling the evidence to support this theory, and honestly it's pretty compelling.

There's the matter of their fighting styles. Both Rey and Palpatine are the only two characters in the Star Wars universe who use this forward-thrust move.

Disney / Via

This mirroring is equally powerful when you realise the first move we see each of them perform is this forward thrust.

Rey's first lightsaber battle has several other visual references to Palpatine's fighting style, almost too many to be coincidental.

Disney / Via

This cyclical referencing also works in the sense that the earlier films have followed a pattern of Skywalker vs Palpatine tension. In The Force Awakens, if Rey's parentage does stem from Palpatine, her battle against Kylo Ren continues the Skywalker/Palpatine tension, flipping the dark and light sides. For now.

That's because Rey is already struggling with the pull of the dark side. While every fledgling Jedi struggles between the pull of light and dark, there are moments during The Force Awakens that point to Rey being tempted to the dark.

Disney / Via

In the film's script, it describes Rey as "standing on the edge of the dark side".

During Rey's vision, Palpatine can be heard several times.


Right before the hallway collapses on her, you can hear Palpatine's scream, and further along, there's audio of Palpatine saying "any Jedi". There are a few other audio snippets included (Luke, Obi-Wan, and Yoda to name a few) but Palpatine's inclusion seems like an outlier when you consider Luke's lightsaber is the trigger for the vision. Why else would ol' Palps show up, if not because of some kind of relationship to Rey?

The notion of hiding in plain sight comes into play when you consider the poster for The Force Awakens.


In the portrait form, Rey's strategic placement puts her between the dark and light sides in the most literal sense.

But when expanded out, Rey is placed toward the dark side, hanging with Kylo Ren, her staff aligned with his lightsaber to almost seem as if they're one.

Finally, what about the accent? A lot of people used Rey's British accent as evidence that she could be a Kenobi, but guess who else had a fancy posh accent. Yep. Palpatine.

Disney / Thinkstock

There's even more compelling evidence when you take into account clues from the film's script, the accompanying novel, and other hints from the film.

Watch the whole video to see the full theory.

View this video on YouTube

Are you convinced? Do you still think Rey is a Skywalker? Is she somehow related to Jar Jar Binks? Did you just wanna say something mean about my hair? I wanna hear it all.

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