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You Need To See Conan Play "Overwatch" With Peter Dinklage And Lena Headey

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Conan O’Brien recently invited Game of Thrones stars, Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey, onto his show to take part in his segment “Cluseless Gamer”.

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A long way from Westeros, the three played the recently released game Overwatch to absolutely hilarious results.

Things started off great as Conan, the ultimate clueless gamer, found out a bit about Peter and Lena's gaming abilities.

He also introduced his own, very special version of the Iron Throne.

But back to the game! Peter and Lena couldn't wait to learn how to play...

Then it was time to pick a character. But they couldn't stop cracking jokes.

Seriously, no one was safe.

Once the game began, there was no love lost between the Lannisters.

But Peter's lack of mercy served him well, and he was presented with his very own Conan's head on a spike as his trophy.

The Lannisters send their regards, indeed.