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    RuPaul Got Married On His 23rd Anniversary And It’s Just Too Much

    Everybody say love!

    While speaking to Hollywood Today Live, RuPaul announced for the first time on TV that he and his long-time partner, Georges, are married!


    To celebrate their 23rd anniversary, this January Ru and Georges tied the knot.

    "When we have a chance to do anything he doesn't want me to come there – we want to go somewhere fabulous," RuPaul joked.

    Needless to say, friends, fans, and loved ones were utterly stoked for Ru and Georges.

    Congrats to @RuPaul and Georges on tying the knot!

    Marriage & finding ❤️ are the truest riches a person can hope for in life. Congrats 2 @RuPaul on your WONDERFUL news. Extremely happy 4 you.

    A new stepping stone in an already amazing Rulationship! Congrats @RuPaul & George on your recent marriage 💎 Oh,

    Congratulations, Mama Ru!


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