A Bunch Of New Zealand's Celebs Recorded An Awesome Song For A Kids Charity


    Tons of New Zealand's celebs have come together to inspire the All Blacks and unite Kiwis to raise money for Cure Kids.

    The group, led by actor/director Taika Waititi, features some of New Zealand's best musicians, athletes, actors, and six-year-olds, are raising money to fight Batten disease.

    Taika and his gang take inspiration from some true Kiwi legends...

    ...the greatest squad of six-year-olds ever.

    And ultimately, the video not only supports a brilliant cause, but is a whole lot of fun.

    Featuring rap queen: Brooke Fraser.

    The Flight of the Conchords boys also dropped by.

    As did iconic queen of everything, Lorde.

    Peter Jackson even let them borrow one of his dragons!

    Check out the stars singing their hearts out:

    View this video on YouTube


    You can watch the full sketch and video here, and make sure to head to kiwiscurebatten.com to get the song and make a donation!

    And don't forget to take your Vitamin Rugby every day.