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    We Explain What Happened In Episode 4 Of "The Bachelor" Australia In 90 Seconds

    You didn't miss much, but if you did miss it catch up in 90 seconds.

    Missed Episode 4 of The Bachelor Australia? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Let's take a look at what happened in 90 seconds or less.

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    The Solo Date:

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    Gotta Have Faith scored the solo date, and everyone was jealous. Keira wasn't happy, for a change. "Is this a yacht?" Faith asked, about a speedboat.

    Faith and Richie went for a swim back at his Bachelor pad, and he whipped out his "ball games" (his words). The two of them talked about how much they laughed, and had a good time, and laughed, and had fun, and laughed. This was definitely the most boring date, but they laughed so they had a good time.

    The Group Date:

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    The group date included Keira again. The other girls called her "the group date groupie" because she has been on every group date so far. Keira wasn't happy, for a change.

    The group date was waltz lessons because as organiser of this date, there's nothing a rope technician loves more than a waltz. After the lessons, the girls had a dance-off to win a special ball with Richie. From all the commercials, we already knew Keira won that. Richie told the camera, "It takes two to tango" which is true, but they were supposed to be doing a waltz. When Keira was picked, she was annoyed it meant she probably wouldn't get a single date anytime soon. Keira wasn't happy, for a change.

    Keira and Richie spent their Cinderella experience doing the Waltz. She returned to the house with a rose. Eliza said, "I felt during the day that you were feeling a bit, like, ungrateful at times..." Keira responded, "Oh my god, you are so fucking funny why would you say that. I can't believe you would say that. There's a time and a place for that kind of thing. You've offended me... so, see ya later." Eliza started drafting an apology song.

    The Cocktail Party:

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    Eliza wanted to apologise to Keira, because there's no better place for a confrontation than an alcohol-fuelled cocktail party. To defuse some tension, Marja called a room a "karma cabana".

    Eliza approached Keira to apologise, and Keira shut her down like a malfunctioning laptop. Keira wasn't happy, for a change.

    Alex was worried she hadn't spoken to Richie for a while and that would mean she wasn't on his radar. Much like a T-Rex, Richie cannot sense women in front of him, he can only sense movement.

    The Rose Ceremony:

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    Alex got a rose because, obviously she holds the bloody white rose and was absolutely never in danger. Marja and Sophie didn't receive roses, probably because they weren't blonde enough.

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