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This Artist Imagined What Disney Characters Would Look Like On Instagram

"Who is the fairest one of all? #me #myself #beautiful #followme"

Disney films are a constant source of magic, glamour, and romance.

But have you ever wondered what it would be like if the iconic Disney characters showed a realer side to their personalities?

Luckily, Italian artist Simona Bonafini imagined what it might look like if Disney characters took to Instagram to express their everyday thoughts, feels, and selfies.

Like Elsa and Anna's sister-selfie game.

Merlin's shady holiday snaps with some familiar locals.

Ariel's obligatory beach selfie.

The Hunchback of #NoFilter Dame.

Cinderella's swag.

Hercules' #gymspo.

(Although Herc isn't the only one to get into the thirst-trap game.)

Alice's Adventures In Valencia.

Photobombing: the trend that'll never grow old.

These queens with their looks ON. POINT.

Plus that couple that wont stop reminding you how in love they are.

Perfection in every snap.

Make sure to check out more of Simona's work on her Facebook page – like her amazing Game of Thrones cards!