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    24 Theories About Australian Food That Are Undeniably True

    Mate, there’s no argument.

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    1. A Macca's run instantly becomes more delicious the later at night it is.

    2. And chips always taste better out of the bag.

    3. Fairy bread should never be made with long sprinkles.

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    100s and 1000s or GTFO.

    4. Nothing beats an original Tim Tam.

    Instagram: @caragh86 / Via

    Nice try, fancy flavours, but original is still number one.

    5. Sausage sizzles always taste better in a Bunnings car park.

    6. And they taste 100 times better in folded bread than rolls.

    7. There's something about these little plastic bags that make pies even more delicious.

    8. And tomato sauce tastes way better out of these things.

    9. But meat pies and sausage rolls taste the best when they're party-sized.

    10. Cupcake liners immediately improve when filled with chocolate crackle.

    11. And they become things of beauty and wonder when they're full of toffee.

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    Though they're a bitch to try and remove so you end up eating half the paper.

    12. Chips taste better with chicken salt.

    13. Eating this stuff off anything other than a paper plate makes it taste totally different.

    14. Freddos taste better when they're frozen, inside ice cream cake.

    15. Regardless of how you make Milo, it ALWAYS tastes best on ice cream.

    16. Speaking of ice cream, vanilla ice cream is better when it's part of a Neapolitan tub. / Via

    And somehow STRAWBERRY is the best flavour of all of them?! Sorry, chocolate.

    17. Takeaway Chiko rolls taste completely different to the frozen ones in your freezer.

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    18. Rainbow Paddle Pops will never taste like any other caramel ice cream.

    Instagram: @mchlzb /

    19. Pavlova is the best cake you can have. Ever.

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    Calm down, New Zealand. We're still gonna claim the pav, like we claim Russell Crowe and Lorde.

    20. Jatz crackers are far superior than all other crackers.

    Instagram: @katfromcanada /

    21. The humble chicken schnitty is instantly improved with a splash of marinara and a fuckload of cheese.

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    22. The size of the new Killer Pythons are a disgrace.

    Instagram: @peteranandrews /

    23. Barbecue Shapes are the best at an actual barbecue, but flavour-wise? Pizza is king.

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    24. And lastly, but certainly the most true of all: the “new and improved” Shapes will never live up to the old ones.

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