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Give Thanks To The Olympics For Giving Us Cam McEvoy

Beauty, brains, and a whole lotta Speedos.

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The games are almost upon us and you know what that means: Olympic-grade babes.

Instagram: @cam_mcevoy

So lets all turn our attention to Australia's Cam McEvoy, Olympic swimmer and adorable cutie.

Instagram: @cam_mcevoy

Here are Cam's hot buns next to a burger.

Instagram: @cam_mcevoy

And here's Cam playing with his balls.

Instagram: @cam_mcevoy

I'm not even going to caption this image, I'll just leave it here.

Instagram: @cam_mcevoy

Anyway, anyway, we're not just objectifying Cam because of his brilliant handsomeness and abs (so many abs). We're also objectifying CAM'S GIGANTIC BRAIN.

Instagram: @cam_mcevoy

Studying physics and mathematics at Queensland's Griffith University, Cam's not only got gold on the brain, but also... physics and math stuff too?

He's a MAJOR nerd, and that makes him all the more adorable tbh.

We discover a 9th planet and the best name we can come up with so far is George?jupiter saturn uranus neptune GEORGE

He loves space!

We will be watching you v closely...

Instagram: @cam_mcevoy

...just don't stop updating your Instagram.

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