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Give Thanks To The Olympics For Giving Us Cam McEvoy

Beauty, brains, and a whole lotta Speedos.

The games are almost upon us and you know what that means: Olympic-grade babes.

So lets all turn our attention to Australia's Cam McEvoy, Olympic swimmer and adorable cutie.

Here are Cam's hot buns next to a burger.

And here's Cam playing with his balls.

I'm not even going to caption this image, I'll just leave it here.

Anyway, anyway, we're not just objectifying Cam because of his brilliant handsomeness and abs (so many abs). We're also objectifying CAM'S GIGANTIC BRAIN.

He's a MAJOR nerd, and that makes him all the more adorable tbh.

We discover a 9th planet and the best name we can come up with so far is George?jupiter saturn uranus neptune GEORGE

He loves space!

The favourite to win gold has wowed audiences in the past with his swimming talents, and out of the pool, with his... you know, science... stuff.

So, Cam, good luck in Rio.

We will be watching you v closely...

God I love sports.

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