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Do You Think This Is A Sexy-Ass Ice Cream?

Netflix and Bill?

Meet Bubble O' Bill, one of Australia's most well-known ice cream personalities.

He's not your average sweet treat. He's made up of THREE flavours of ice cream, AND his nose is a giant gum ball!

You can literally lick his ball.

We know what you're thinking: "No, BuzzFeed, don't ask if I want to bang that ice cream," but what if we told you - BILL LOVES GAME OF THRONES!?!

He even attempted to break the internet!

Bill was cool before you even knew about it...

Get it? Because he's an ice cream.

Bill is so badass, in 2009 a man was forced to eat him in front of a judge in order to remove an alcohol-interlock alarm from his car.

Never forget: in 2009, an Australian magistrate ordered a defendant to eat a Bubble-O-Bill

The man consumed part of the icy treat, then police re-tested him. The reading of 0.018 was duly reported back to Magistrate Crisp, who then granted the driver's application to have the device removed.

But it isn't ALL good news... some people believe Bill to be the ice cream version of that guy on Grindr who doesn't look anything like his profile pic.

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  1. So tell us, would you fuck Bubble O' Bill? / BuzzFeed
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So tell us, would you fuck Bubble O' Bill?
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    Yes, I would definitely fuck that sexy-ass ice cream.
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    No, I do not want to fuck that ice cream.
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    What is wrong with you? It's an ice cream.

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