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Literally Just 26 Fucking Funny Tweets About "The Bachelor" Australia So Far

Will these tweets accept this rose?

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1. This budget breakdown.

Bachelor production budget: String quartets $5,000 Champagne $10,000 Roses $50,000 Choker necklaces $100,000,000,002,399,030 #thebachelorau

2. This brainstorm behind the dates.

Bachelor date options: 1. Something really high. 2. Something where the girls wear a bikini. 3. Something else I would hate. #TheBachelorAU

3. This incredible realisation.


4. This audition process.

Auditions for the bachelor: Casting agent: R U good at pretending to be enthusiastic Girl: *wooooooooo* Agent: You're in #TheBachelorAU

5. This note on the diversity of the season.

Just a shot in the dark, but judging by this #TheBachelorAU season promo, I'm guessing he might end up with a blonde.

6. This misunderstanding of the show's premise.

"I don't want sloppy seconds" Keira is obviously confused about what show she's on #TheBachelorAU

7. This breakdown of Richie's post-pash chats.

also who says "nice kiss" after a kiss??? "yep, a+ smooch, me likey, yum yum 10/10, would kiss again” #TheBachelorAU

8. This wish for the show's best character.

I wish Keira would come out of her shell and express an opinion. #TheBachelorAU

9. This Hollywood lookalike.

Keira is like Disgust from Inside Out. #TheBachelorAu

10. This realistic note from the producers.

"Keira... the producers have told me we need at least 6 episodes of you to keep things good so take this and shut up." #TheBachelorAU 🌹

11. This choker fan theory.

Keira is wearing a choker with a ball gown. Is her neck horribly disfigured or is she really committed to this 90s revival? #TheBachelorAU

12. This cold hard tooth.

Keira's teeth must be dry as she can't seem to stop licking them #favourite #TheBachelorAU

13. And this wishlist.

Here's a complete list of things Keira likes... #TheBachelorAU

14. This breakdown of what makes a perfect woman.

so far richie gives roses for (a) spontaneity; and (b) shoelessness. RICHIE'S DREAM GIRL: #TheBachelorAU

15. This honestly terrible date idea.

'I feel so comfortable around you, Megan' *takes a piss off platform* #TheBachelorAU

16. This INCREDIBLE screenshot.

when u like a guy but lipstick costs $36 #TheBachelorAU

17. This harsh reality.

Ready for another night of judging women while in baggy clothes smashing food down unattractively. #TheBachelorAU

18. This frustration with every bloody episode dedicating 20 minutes to the white bloody rose.


19. This juxtaposition of maturity.

Rachael: "We're adults...we do this in a mature why is Alex being such a big poopy bum" #TheBachelorAU

20. This reflection of Richie's inability to control his facial reactions.

You can always tell the exact point where Richie no longer cares about the conversation he's having #TheBachelorAU

Resting Uninterested Face.

21. This unfortunate recreation of what happened when Tolyna was asked to open up.

"Who are you Tolyna?" Tolyna: #thebachelorau

22. This genuine comment after every date.

"I can't believe Richie made this beach for me" #TheBachelorAU

23. This dig at the same dress being used over three seasons.

"Reckon we can get away with using that dress again?" "Whack some of that fruit tree netting on the bottom, she'll be right." #thebachelorau

24. This amazing summary of Alex's struggles with the white rose.

"He hasn't come to me, and I haven't come to him" Alex, explaining how distance works #TheBachelorAU

25. This reality check.

If #thebachelorau was more realistic, the white rose would look like this by now:

26. And, just this.

straight people are so embarrassing #thebachelorau