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    Here's What Happened On "The Bachelor" Australia Episode 3 In 90 Seconds

    Missed the episode? Catch up in 90 seconds.

    We know how difficult it is staying on top of reality shows so to make it easy for you, here's what you need to know about Episode 3 of The Bachelor Australia in 90 seconds or less.

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    The Solo Date:

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    Richie took ridiculous dates to new heights by forcing Ocean Girl Megan to stand on a plexiglass bridge suspended over a cliff. Megan loved it because it meant she could look at her one love in life: the ocean. She mentioned the ocean several times. "Richie and I both love the ocean," Megan said, as if everyone else she's ever met has thrown a Molotov cocktail toward the seas screaming, "I defy you, Poseidon!!"

    Richie then took Megan back to his Bachelor pad. “There are so many things to look at,” Richie remarked about the living room. Richie is not getting better at awkward banter.

    Richie likes Megan because she took her shoes off at the cocktail party (MUCH LIKE A MERMAID WOULD), he offered her a rose and went in for a kiss but Megan turned her head and received an awkward face-smash. It was very dramatic until, four seconds later, they made out a ton.

    The Group Date:

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    Richie took the girls on a very sexy group date of roller derby in sumo wrestler suits. Keira was not happy for a change. "I'm a princess, I don't do that sort of stuff."

    The girls got VERY competitive, less about Richie's attention and more about destroying the other girls. It was a very fun date that Richie just sat there and watched.

    The blue team won and were given several minutes of alone time with Richie. Princess Janey was excited because there was ice cream. During his alone time with Tolyna, Richie said, "Tell me though, who IS Tolyna?" Meanwhile the rest of the country were doing this:


    The Cocktail Party:

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    Sophie let it slip that Megan and Richie kissed. Everyone was pissed. Meanwhile Alex promised to not use her power as white rose holder to whisk Richie away to the white rose hideout. Richie used his power as penis-wielder to whisk her away to the white rose hideout anyway. Everyone was pissed.

    Keira was not happy for a change.

    The Rose Ceremony:

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    Eliza scraped through grabbing the final rose of the night while Janey, Tiffany, and Who Is Tolyna unfortunately did not receive one.

    And that's what you missed on Episode 3 of The Bachelor Australia!

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