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23 Grindr Couples Who Are Moving Way Too Fast

Their wedding announcements will read, "The happy pair met on Grindr."

1. This couple whose souls were incomplete until they found each other in the most unlikely of places.

2. This couple who didn't know The One was right under their noses the whole time.

3. This couple who, despite all the naysayers, simply walked into Mordor and fell in love.

4. This couple who first met when they grabbed the same cutoff tank top at the sale rack.

5. This couple who would've hit it off at a bar IRL if there were no laws against lewd behavior in public.

6. This couple born out of a well-meaning intervention.

7. This couple who shared a fleeting but solemn moment of intimacy on the family farm.

8. This couple who found employment for each other in an unstable "economie."

9. This couple with incomparably dazzling conversation.

10. This couple who bonded over their mutual appreciation of fine foods.

11. The couple that emerged after one educated the other, kind of like in My Fair Lady.

12. This couple who quit together and stayed together.

13. This couple who accepted each other for who they really are, no questions asked.

14. This couple who shared terribly apt insights into living their Best Life.

15. This couple who fell in love despite the class divide.

16. This (superhero) couple who shed their secret identities for true love.

17. This couple who didn't settle for anything less than perfect spelling.

18. This couple who persevered in the midst of adversity and made it work despite the distance.

19. This couple who embraced and celebrated each other's fetishes.

20. This couple who expressed love in the sincerest of ways.

21. This couple who believed honesty is the best policy.

22. This couple whose adorable dogs brought them together.

23. And this couple who'll be celebrating their fourth anniversary next month.