26 Undeniable Facts About Having An Online Best Friend

You can’t help but send this to them the minute they get online.

1. Your friendship began with a single reblog on Tumblr or a follow on Twitter.


2. Bonus points if you met on LiveJournal or Reddit.


3. Or in the early days of the internet, you met on a message board.

Even more bonus points if it was a role-playing site.

4. And there’s a 99% chance you guys connected over a fandom.

Be it Harry Potter, Doctor Who, or Game of ThronesSupernatural, Sherlock, or The Avengers

5. You refer to them as “the (x) to my (y)” and link back to their blog.

Or “the Blair to my Serena,” “the Harry to my Ron,” or “the Buzz to my Feed.”

6. You get online and log on to your chat client the minute you get home.

7. And you don’t hold back when you vent all your IRL drama to them.

They might share it with their IRL friends, but they’re definitely people that don’t know you.

8. Like, you guys have literally zero boundaries.

9. You stay up really late to catch them in their state’s timezone.

“You’re home early! It’s only 1 a.m.!! :D”

10. And if you’ve got international pals, you’ve set up clocks for each of them.

11. Even when you say you’re going to sleep, you’re still chatting them in bed.

12. Because eventually, you discovered these and they became your main method of communication.


13. You have no idea what to do with yourself when they’re not online.

14. Because when you’re trolling the internet, they’re the only person you send links to.

Columbia Pictures / Via christianbaled.tumblr.com

Because who else will understand that thing you found on 4chan?

15. The idea of talking to them over the phone or Skype for the first time was exciting and terrifying.

“What if everything CHANGES?!”

16. Then you freaked out when you heard their voice for the first time on the phone.

17. And the first time you Skyped was the most thrilling thing in the world.


And your chats turned into getting on Skype and sitting in comfortable silence while you went through your Tumblr dash.

18. You never have to worry about them moving away.

Because you can never leave the internet!

19. When you haven’t chatted them in a while, you start to get worried.

20. IRL, you refer to them as something like “my friend Rachel from Texas.”

21. Or sometimes, just by their screenname.

Matt Ortile

22. You spend so much time texting, Skyping, and talking about them, other people think you’re in a long-distance relationship.

BBC / Via imgfave.com

23. You’re often told to step away from the computer and “make some real friends.”

Fox / Via crunchyroll.com

24. So you guys plan to meet IRL and constantly talk about the things you guys would do together.

Universal / Via gif-database.tumblr.com

25. One of which will be taking a photo for your family and friends to show them you’re not being Catfished.

26. And when you finally meet them in person, it feels like seeing a long lost friend.

Distance ain’t got nothin’ on you and your online BFF.

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