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    17 Times The Internet Died During Alma Moreno's Interview

    "Yes, with reservations."

    Here at BuzzFeed Philippines, we've got a new segment we'd like to call: TALAGA, BEH????

    This week, senatorial hopeful and former actress Alma Moreno was interviewed by a very skeptical Karen Davila for ANC's "Headstart."

    ANC / Via

    When asked about the Philippines' reproductive health law, Moreno laughed nervously and said, "Kailangan pa bang sagutin yan?" To which Davila responded, "Of course. You are running for the Senate."


    Naturally, the Filipino internet had a FIELD DAY with the video. Here are some of the best moments from Moreno's interview:

    1. She started a new love team with Karen Davila that's sweeping the nation: #AlDav.

    2. She cooked our ulam for us — no reservations required.

    3. But she turned Karen Davila into a waitress at a resto.

    4. Pero, to be clear, she's willing to wait at Jollibee. Yes, without reservations.

    5. She gave us new ways to communicate with our beloved baes.

    mikkoadamos / Via

    6. Because you never know when you need to buy more time.

    7. She made us think about her Meralco bill.

    8. She dropped her new single with Justin Bieber: "What Do U Mean (feat. Alma)."

    Facebook: video.php / Via Facebook: video.php

    9. And another track she laid down with Jessie J (who expected more from someone running for the Senate).

    Allan Soriano / Via Facebook: video.php

    10. She turned off the private session on her Spotify account.

    11. She appeared on "Who Wants To Be A Senator?"

    12. And she admitted she needs to do further research on all the important issues.

    13. Still, she spoke for every law student and wannabe politician to come.

    ANC / Joyce Go / Via

    14. She gave Filipinos across the land another issue to vote on.

    15. She made us believe in conspiracy theories again.

    16. Basically:

    17. In the end, kaya pa rin ng powers ni Mareng Alma.

    Watch the full interview here:

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