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29 Puntastic Jokes That Only Pinoys Will Understand

As in puntastic, talaga!

1. On Iggy Azalea's hit single and mass transit:

2. On art imitating life:

3. On meteorological events:

4. On the realest kind of thirst:

5. On entomology:

6. On cautionary measures:

7. On being naughty:

8. On snack foods:

9. On punctuality:

10. On cartoons and convenience stores:

11. On Mariah Carey:

12. On ghost-busting:

13. On being a part of your world:

In the flood of adversity, in awe of the unsinkable Filipino spirit c",) Those memes!

14. On calling in to work:

15. Or to school:

16. On dad humor:

17. On fertilization:

18. On chicken-shit:

19. On finding your friends:

20. On Sylvester and loitering:

21. On Disney and devout Catholicism:

22. On deviant stews:

23. On vegetables and camaraderie:

24. On starting kids early:

25. On variations on two letters:

26. And on a single letter, too:

27. On herbal cure-alls:

28. On luxury goods:

29. And on the strongest kind of irony: