21 Joys Of Having A Single Mom

Sometimes, two isn’t better than one.

1. You’re constantly in awe of her vast array of talents.

2. She cooks dinner, fixes the sink, plans your birthday, and brings home the bacon.

Weinstein Company / Via youtube.com

3. All while defying gender stereotypes.


Who says they can’t be the breadwinners and the bread-makers? Suck it, patriarchy.

4. She will do pretty much anything for you.

5. Because she’s your entire support system wrapped into one.

IFC Films / Via youtube.com

But that doesn’t mean she necessarily spoils you or anything. She just takes complete responsibility for you and wants you to succeed.

6. You know she’s got your back.

Mick Stevens / Via condenaststore.com

7. And you always have hers.

8. You get more say in making family decisions.

Walt Disney / Via slantmagazine.com

You guys are more of a team than a hierarchy.

9. And you mature much faster because of it.

When you help out around the house to lighten her load, you become more independent early on.

10. And there’s more room in her bed for you guys to cuddle!

11. Like your best friend, she always is down to gossip.

12. But also like your best friend, she doesn’t put up with your shit.

13. It’s way easier talking to her about dating without a dad to intervene.

Because there are some things only moms can understand.

14. And she gets it because she’s dating people, too.

HBO / Via weheartit.com

15. Maybe you can even go out dancing together!

Universal Pictures / Via ahealthysliceoflife.com

Even though you might have to teach her a thing or two.

16. Shopping trips with each other are mandatory.

You get to know each other so well, it’s like you’re her mirror.

17. So you understand that your mom likes the same things you do.

18. And you realize that she’s not just SuperMom—she’s a real person, too.

Fox 2000 / Via j13jackson.tumblr.com

19. She’s always been there for you, so it feels great when you can be there for her.

20. You’re more open to variety and often challenge the “norm.”

Paramount Pictures / Via tumblr.com

I mean, you grew up in a “non-traditional” family and came out just fine.

21. So you’re proud to have such an amazing role model.

Who run the world? SINGLE MOMS.

(And all moms, too!)

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