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This Guy From Saskatchewan Built An Interactive LED Beer Pong Table And He Wants To Sell You One

College just got a lot more…expensive.

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Jeff Nybo, who hails from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, has just revolutionized the sacred sport of college students, graduates adrift and the drunken warrior at heart.

Nybo has invented what he calls the BPT X5, an interactive, fully customizable LED beer pong table tricked out to the max with a few dazzling features:

A built-in scoreboard that detects how many cups remain on each side of the table.

Chexal / Via

An automatic air bath that dry-cleans your balls.

Chexal / Via

Nobody likes wet balls.

You can even program the table’s flashing lights to dance to any neighbor-infuriating song you have in your music library!

Chexal / Via


After his idea won an online DIY contest, Nybo decided to fund the project on Kickstarter with the goal of $1250 CAD, and so far, he has received over $47,000 CAD.

The Beer Pong Table X5 DIY kits that he’s selling range from $82 to $500.

And if you’ve got extra cash lying around, you can splurge for a fully assembled table for $2,250 ($1,800 USD)!

Wicked Awesome LED Beer Pong Table 2.0 #ArtTuesday | | #IOT #InternetOfThings

The price is pretty steep considering the typical college student’s budget, which, let’s face it, is realistically close to nothing.

So if you’re a beer pong enthusiast and have the technical know-how and patience to build your very own pimped out beer pong table, order yours today!

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