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    25 Of The Most Outrageous Captchas That Ever Happened

    Please prove that you are human. Your response: "Genital robberies."

    1. And visiting grandma was never the same.

    2. Does this actually happen to people?

    3. It's more of a suggestion than a security measure.

    4. You'd be a lunatic too if people kept leaving expired milk inside you.

    5. Did a 12-year-old boy program this captcha?

    6. Somebody find Arnold Schwarzenegger!

    7. What about it?

    8. We all have dry spells every now and again.

    9. That's one way to show affection.

    10. Captcha, the Cold War is over.

    11. What happened to it?

    12. There's only one way to hump.

    13. The worst kind.

    14. It only took six tries to finally get this right. Yippee.

    15. Is it spring already or are you just happy to see me?

    16. Brain-free diets have completely turned their lives around.

    17. Is there a vegetarian option?

    18. Not to be confused with noseboners.

    19. Everybody's worst fear.

    20. Mine or somebody else's?

    21. None for me, thanks.

    22. It's the happiest time of the year!

    23. Would you like the 10-piece or the 20-piece meal?

    24. Words that have never been uttered by anyone in human history.

    25. It's great to see Chatroulette is warning their new users upfront.