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The 16 Merry Faces You'll Probably Make On Christmas Morning, According To Cats

Santa 'Claws' is coming to town!

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1. The "OH $@#%, it's Christmas morning!" face

2. The "Aww, you didn't have to get me anything!" face

3. The "Bloated from all of that eggnog from the night before" face

4. The "I hope you like your gift" face

5. The “Pondering who to re-gift a not-so-thoughtful present to, while outwardly acting you like you loved the present” face

6. The "OOH, Carolers are singing Feliz Navidad on our front porch!" face

7. The "You can call me Tony Hawk cuz I'm about to shred through this wrapping paper" face

8. The "DAMNNN! This cocoa is piping hot" face

9. The "Omg, I never knew I needed this! You know me so well!" face

10. The "The box this present came in is superb!" face

11. The "Phew, I'm so glad my dad didn't hate my present" face

12. The "That moment you discover who your Secret Santa is" face

13. The "Look at how many people are wishing me a Merry Christmas on Facebook" face

14. The "The joy on all of my loved ones' faces is worth every transaction on my next credit card statement" face

15. The "I'm so glad you decided to go over the $50 maximum with my gift this year" face

16. The "Most wonderful time of the year!" face

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