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    People Are Upset With Michael Bublé After He Posted A Photo Of A Girl In Short Shorts

    #BeautifulBum. UPDATE: Bublé has issued a statement saying he did not mean for the picture to be offensive.

    Bublé responded to the criticism on Facebook, saying in part, "I regret that there are people out there who found the photo offensive." Read the full statement below:

    Original story below:

    Earlier this week, Canadian singer Michael Bublé uploaded a photo on Instagram that stirred up controversy over social media.

    Many accused Bublé of being a creep for posting the photo of a young girl's body without her consent.

    We NEED @michaelbuble to respond to this heinous Instagram post NOW I am literally sick. #RapeCulture #YesAllWomen

    Many took to social media to express their outrage:

    hey @michaelbuble you're fucking disgusting. do you understand what consent is? ASK SOMEONE BEFORE YOU TAKE A PICTURE OF THEIR BODY.

    @michaelbuble I used to like you but I don't anymore. Lost all respect. #disgusting

    @michaelbuble This is disgraceful! You should be ashamed of yourself. Nothing worthy in body shaming! You lost a lot of respect from many

    @michaelbuble Even tho what u write appears to be a compliment, posting it on instagram for millions is going too far. Think it, sure. (2/3)

    @michaelbuble . Posting it for millions to see only makes you look creepy. (3/3)

    @michaelbuble Horrible picture, you have zero respect for women. Shame on you.

    That awkward moment when @michaelbuble changes Instagram from a photo sharing application to a pulpit of bullying misogyny.

    @michaelbuble again proving he's a total douchecanoe. He should go 'Home' and stay there.😒😏 #NoRespect #MichaelBuble

    Other folks weighed in too, expressing their thoughts on the girl's clothing:

    The fact Michael Buble is getting in shit for showing a girl was wearing shorts that clearly didn't fit her is reallllyyyyyyy interesting.

    Guys Michael buble was not body shaming. If you wear shorts with your ass hanging out you deserve to be talked about. That's trashy.

    If ur butt hangs out of ur short shorts that's not body shaming that's poor clothing choices ppl..@michaelbuble ur pic was funny

    And then there were a few people who came to Bublé's defense:

    @michaelbuble doesn't need to apologize for that instagram picture because it's just a joke. People need to lighten up.

    The whole Michael Buble thing is really embarrassing for our society. Goes to show how some people get offended way too easily.

    stfu about the picture michael buble took. he wasn't promoting rape culture or shaming how her body looked like

    @michaelbuble the haters are more "uptight" than those shorts ;)

    Apparently there's a backlash over Michael Bublé pic: I think that's a face of a man appreciating the #beautifulbum

    Bublé hasn't responded to any of the online criticism of his Instagram upload.