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Grocery Stores In Canada Are Selling Ugly Produce At Discounted Prices To Spread Awareness About Food Waste

Attractive fruit have had it too good for too long.

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To spread awareness about these heaps of wasted food, Loblaw-owned grocery stores (Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills) in Ontario and Quebec launched its “Naturally Imperfect” brand of produce.


Instead of discarding these visually displeasing fruits and vegetables, the deformed produce is sold under the “Naturally Imperfect” brand.

Take a look at some of the adorable, slightly mutated fruits and veggies you could find in grocery store near you!

This butterfly strawberry:

Should misshapen produce be thrown out or celebrated?

This unimpressed eggplant:

“@FoodEmbassy_: Face it, this would make a tasty Baba Ganoush! ” Cutest #uglyfruit ever!

This loving family of carrots:

“@UglyFruitAndVeg: LOVE AND CARROTS: #UglyIsBeautiful #UglyIsTasty ” #wonkyveg

This tomato that will prove to be a dilemma for vegans everywhere:

Not all misshapen fruit and veg are 'ugly'! Just take a look at this bunny tomato!

The strawberry that approved of your healthy choices:

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The tomato that just wants to be accepted for its uniqueness:

Friday's Favorite - THE TOMATO DUCKIE TRIES TO BLEND IN #UglyVegProblems #TinyTomato #VeggieDuckie

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