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    42 Problems Only Cat Owners Will Understand

    Your love for them burns like the scratches they've inflicted upon you.

    1. "I just wanted to snuggle..."

    2. When you switch to a different brand of cat food

    But they discontinued that flavor!

    3. When they mischievously tip objects over to watch them fall to their impending doom

    Here's Galileo experimenting with gravity

    4. Maybe I should teach them how to use the toilet...

    5. On second thought, maybe not


    7. When they decide that your keyboard is a good pit stop for them

    The unforgivable kind of 'Keyboard Cat', as opposed to the unforgettable kind.

    8. When you don't want to disturb this cuteness by getting up

    9. When your cat decides to sleep with you

    It's like she measured the exact centre of the bed.

    10. If you let your printer print unguarded, your cat WILL aggressively deal with your printer on their own terms

    11. When your cats spontaneously decide to re-enact a scene from Mission Impossible

    Except they didn't delegate who was going to be the look-out...

    12. Sometimes she'll bring home a new friend

    13. 50/50 Gamble- Invitation to pet her belly OR Trap

    14. All you can do is sit back and watch helplessly as your cat finishes his own spring cleaning

    15. The so-called "love bite"

    They don't bite hard enough to hurt you, but just enough to freak you out

    16. The bathroom sink becomes her bed

    I guess it's time to brush my teeth over the toilet again.

    17. They're less interested in the toy than the box that the toy came in

    Value of Toy- $30

    Value of Box- $1

    Reaction on owner's face: Priceless

    18. You know that this takes hours to accomplish

    Then the veterinarian ironically says, "Aww... she's such a GOOD girl."

    19. Must observe every single pixel on your TV

    "Yes, yes, that is Russell Brand... No, I have no clue what Katy Perry saw in him."

    20. All toys are footwear

    21. A mere allergy to our feline pals won't stop us from loving them

    22. Cat training at PetSmart didn't prepare me for this

    23. That stare...

    What is she thinking?

    24. All that staring could lead to one of the greatest fears of cat owners

    25. The cause of a cat-astrophic fall

    26. You give them one more treat after promising yourself you wouldn't fall for those eyes again

    27. Come back from the bathroom and you find your cat is sitting in your seat

    "You're not touching this chair with those unwashed hands of yours."

    28. When your laundry is done, your cat thinks she's lightening your load by making it their nest

    Detergent does everything but deters cats

    29. Can't help but laugh whenever your cat forgets that their tongue is sticking out

    It's even funnier when they're looking around with that confused look on their face

    30. They're fast asleep when you want to play with them

    31. Some enjoy harassing your dogs

    32. Realize that this fantasy will never be realized

    33. Close-range sneezes are their specialty

    Your cuddling is momentarily interrupted by cat booger particles.

    34. Can't own any furniture made of leather

    Or any furniture made out of furniture for that matter

    35. Every time you turn on the camera...

    36. We anticipate their affection, then we're hugely disappointed

    37. They hypnotize you with those hips before tackling you

    38. When you're playing with your cat who's hiding underneath the bed

    39. When you leave any food lying around

    40. Silently judge you during a steamy make-out sesh

    "Meow. I am hungry"

    41. The GREATEST fear of a cat owner

    42. When you own more than 3 cats, you wonder if you're slowly morphing into a cat lady

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