35 Stylish Dogs That Will Make You Question Your Summer Wardrobe

It’s getting hot in fur, so take that summer pose!

1. That’s enough sun for you, mister!

2. This one’s revving to get into the lake.

3. Looking forward to a splendid picnic in the park

4. He’s a natural-born belly flopper

5. She’s always been known to wear rose-colored glasses for every occasion

6. Before and After Coolness Factor

7. “I think the kid just peed in the pool…HONEY, DO SOMETHING!”

8. The sun’s beating down on me. No complaints here.

9. “Hear that? That’s the ocean calling my name”

10. Wedding fashion on the beach is a common sight on a warm summer afternoon

11. Don’t forget ‘Flower Girl’ fashion!

12. And the Ringbearer too!

13. Showing his support for Brazil in the World Cup

14. A Portugal fan, still holding onto hope at this point

15. Ughhhh… sooooooo many margaritas…

16. “Hahahaha! I said we were going to a ‘dude beach’, not a ‘nude beach’.”

“That doesn’t make this traumatic experience any better!”

17. Summer’s not keeping this big boy from performing his duties

18. This. Beach. Is. Wonderful….

19. “My disguise is working perfectly…”

20. “This beats skateboarding any day”

21. Time to cool off!

22. This one’s rocking his frizzy hair

23. This German shepherd’s perfectly fine in the kiddie pool

25. They call him, “The Hog Dog”

26. This is just one of Daisy’s many rad outfits

27. Seems like a nice day to do yoga in the park with the girls

28. “You like my outfit? Why, mahalo!”

29. “‘California girls, they’re undeniable’. Definitely undeniable.”

30. Licking your nose has never felt so satisfying

31. “If we can’t go to Hawaii this summer, I’ll bring Hawaii to us!”

32. The best part about summer? SUMMER DRESSES.

33. She’s about to show those dolphins something to chirp about

34. What are you waiting for? Start your summer off on the right paw now!

35. An interesting new way to wear sunglASSes

Thanks for sticking around for the tail end of this list.

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