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    27 Annoying Office Pet Peeves That Ruin Your Day At Work

    Your cubicle is basically a 9-5 torture chamber.

    1. When some booger doesn't replace the Kleenex box after taking the last tissue

    2. When you see someone leaving the restroom without washing their hands

    3. Co-workers who steal your labelled food from the fridge

    4. When somebody decides to mark their territory, instead of urinating like a normal human being

    5. When a colleague borrows a pen and never returns it

    6. When they eventually return your pen, it comes back with bite marks

    7. When people don't wear headphones while listening to music

    8. People with headphones who are singing a little too loud and a little too horribly

    9. When somebody clearly used YOUR mug

    10. When you have a hunch that somebody used your desk while you were on vacation

    11. When there is no square left to spare

    12. When nobody refills the empty water cooler

    13. The serious body odor that emerges from the deepest armpits of your cubicle neighbor

    14. When your coworkers return from lunch with horrible stink breath

    15. Co-workers who clip their toenails at their desk

    16. When somebody can't help but touch your computer monitor to point something out to you

    17. When your boss changes the thermostat settings without the consensus of the office

    18. When people don't set their phones to "Silent" and let their ringtone go on forever

    19. When the person who emptied the coffee pot doesn't make a new batch.

    20. The excessive gossiping taking place outside of your cubicle

    21. When a coworker decides to come to work dressed as Macy's entire perfume department

    22. When the shared microwave becomes a canvas of stains

    23. That excessive pen clicking has got to stop!

    24. People looking my computer screen over my shoulder

    25. When nobody has the courtesy to fix a printer jam

    26. When someone steals your chair and replaces it with an inferior one